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Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08

nhuuc wrote:

first, i want to apologize for making this thread even though i know that there is already a thread like this. And btw if you think it is not the right page to post this thread you are free to move it.

start up; well i'm here to help(to suggest/to request)..well it seems like forum page is totally messed up w/ a lot of threads. For me i think, we don't need a lot of moderators..sorry*.
moderators in this site are enough to control the forum page, the members and to become a good rule enforcer. "Reviewer" is quite better than a moderator in handling the anime. We don't need a moderator in each anime series. We can add a positions like:
reviewer-review anime and put them into the Anime Reviews forum.
head moderators
graphic mods-who do designs and such in the Graphics forums, and moderate them.
staff members-who largely handle the requests and reports...etc..
And to identify them, we must put somethin'. yeah like what shinji's doing, putting a star at the end of the username of registered member or turning the color of their username into different colors signifying their positions, for example; blue names are moderators, pink names are reviewer..etc..etc..

We can review an anime series by making a poll survey; then after it, reviewer will discuss and choose who will be the one to review it.."sypnosis, plot, character, Sound & Graphic, Entertainment & Replay Value, Genres, Rating, Number of Episodes, that's all we need in reviewing anime.

forum page:
crunchyroll news
>site feed back
>website announcements
>forum announcement
>website rules and regulations
>questions and problems
>request and suggestions
anime, manga & movie
>anime discussion
>manga discussion
>movie discussion
>anime reviews
general discussion
>off lounge topic
>forum games/club spam
>debate room
>gamer's room
>music chat
>creative writing
>art hall/graphic design
report videos

Newbie should make their own thread for their introductions for us to welcome them.
And i think its better to have a signature and a background image for our beloved members account..
And i'm also suggesting for black background instead of white background. Black colors lessen the unpleasant things on this site, particularly on the forum page. Yeah! it is true, that my suggestions are very imposible to make. But hoping, that it will help you to organize and fix this site.
for more info don't hesitate to ask and contact

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Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08
Are you blind or something?

Any suggestion about the site are to posted in that thread. Should I go over this again?
Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/23/08

nhuuc wrote:

I appreciate your suggestions but please post it in the Suggestions thread above.

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