*Tutorial*How to make Gold Text
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Thanks Ran02 for giving me

First open up your picture or make a new document(of course)and make the picture is kind of dark colored.Then go to your text tool and type your text there.Change the color to gray and duplicate the text layer

Then(make sure you are on your text copy)go to layer>layer style>Bevel and Emboss

Before you even do anything click on Contour.Now make sure you are on

Style:Inner Bevel
Technique:Chisel Hard

On the Angle part make sure its 30 to 30 and that your Glass Contour is Ring-Double.

Now go to Color Overlay(while your on it click on Satin).Change the color to yellow.The Click on OK

Okay now dont think that thats all...Now go to your first text layer and go to layer>layer style>stroke

Change the size to 5 and change the color to yellow

Again click on Contour.Make sure you are on

Style:Stroke Emboss
Technique:Chisel Hard
Depth: 201

Then again on angle make sure you are on 30 to 30 and that your Glass Contour is Ring-Double

Make sure that your color is yellow,your opacity is 50,and your size is 29.Then Click OK

Your gold text should be done!!Here is how mine turn out:

You can add sparkles to make it look better....

Hope you guys understand this tutorial!!

Tutorial by aj1225
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thnx it helped me a lot!!~~
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animerockzforever wrote:

thnx it helped me a lot!!~~

hehe your welcomes...XD
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F / smirk.
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whooppeee~! Thanks for the tutorial
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