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Would you still watch Shugo Chara if Ikuto wasn't in it?
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Posted 7/18/13
Yes. Shugo Chara! is a show I respect, because it doesn't revolve solely around eye candy. Even though Ikuto is a good character with an interesting story, there are still plenty of other characters that are easy to relate to. I mainly watch the series because it teaches you that it's okay to be a little bit different, and to like certain things. The show could use any set of character and I would still watch it so long as it still centered around the moral that being yourself is alright.
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20 / F / Washington, USA
Posted 9/18/13
I don't think I would.

I started watching Shugo Chara! because I saw some screenshots of Ikuto around on the internet and he looked just like an OC I'm very attached to and have had for years now.
So when I started watching the show Ikuto in a lot of ways was similar to my OC in personality as well so I became very attached to him very quickly.
So the very personal attachment I felt towards Ikuto is what kept me watching.
I wanted to learn more about him and his backstory as well as I wanted to see his relationship with Amu develop.
And though I do like the other characters as well, without my preexisting personal feelings I don't think I ever would have gotten into it.

I'm sure it would have still been a great show, but not quite the sort of thing I'd watch normally. (What with most of the characters being around 6 years younger than me)
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Posted 9/23/13
I would not he was like my favorite side by side amu Ikuto makes things soooooo much intresting... but i guess if utaus singing is still there then maybe....
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18 / F / Australia
Posted 1/16/14
No!!!!! never he's the best character!!
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25 / F
Posted 4/3/14
ummm tbh I started watching because of an Amv of Ikuto and amu I watched so a definitely No. I think Ikuto is the best part of shgo chara and without him it wouldn't be the same I'd be bored. I always enjoyed/enjoy when he comes out.
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19 / F / USA
Posted 5/18/14
like, i don't know. i watched shugo chara and i liked it when it was just Tadase as the romantic interest (lol). At first, I was angry at Ikuto for becoming the second love interest-type-thing, but as the series went on and Amu and his bond deepened, I began loving him and completely falling on love with that pairing.

I can't say if I'd watch it without him, because the episodes he wasn't in seemed... boring to me. It was a pretty good show, but I think the reason I loved it as much as I did was because of amuto lol
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Posted 5/19/14
Probably. I mean... I think I'd stop watching after a while. I first started watching just for the sake of finding a good anime to watch. I thought it was interesting... then it showed Ikuto and things got better. I mean, it's not that often that you find a neko bishie. Plus I like shows with love triangles.
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19 / F / London
Posted 6/7/14
No, I would not because after ikuto disappears from the show for a bit, i think after he leaves amu's house (i watched the show a while ago so forgive me if I'm wrong), I got really bored and was only watching so I could see him return. I remember I got so excited when he hid under amu's duvet and goes 'yo!' when amu finds him!!

AmuxIkuto foreva! x
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F / United States
Posted 6/15/14
I'll probably still watch it.
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F / fairy tail
Posted 7/1/14
Ikuto was the reason i kept watching mostly
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24 / F
Posted 7/7/14
I feel like it varies, Ikuto is an amazing character I love him, he adds that extra heart pounding effect into this anime. I would have still watched Shugo Chara because it's adorable, but Ikuto does make the show more heart pounding for me. cx
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17 / F / America
Posted 7/10/14
Yes. I mean he's great an all but really, I'd like to think Tadase has more of a shot with Amu. Or even Kairi. They might make cute couples.
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19 / F / Miami, USA
Posted 7/26/14
I wouldn't watch it at all.
he's that one that make it interesting.
Posted 7/31/14
yes but i will miss him
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20 / F / Feudal Era Japan
Posted 8/6/14
I loooved Shugo Chara, but I have to admit that at the last season, i got really lazy on finishing the anime. I find that it was just off track or something losing some characters (like Ikuto) just kinda changed the anime and it just wasn't the same. Although, I manged to finish it and it was worth it because I got to see Ikuto again and she got a littlle something from the prince ahaha So i guess the last episode made it worth watching the last season ^.^
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