[Fanfic]Amu's Bad Christmas
Posted 12/23/08
(A/N:This is my first time writing a fanfic.sorry if it's really bad)


"Bye Mom!" Amu shouted happily

Amu's mother waved to Amu and Amu was standing outside the house.She was going to meet Guardians to do Christmas shopping for the school Christmas party.She ran to the christmas tree full of energy."Hinamori-san!" Tadase called out waving to her.

Amu smiled and ran to them."So what shall we buy for the Christmas party?"

Tadase gave each of them a list of things they were supposed to buy.They split up and went to buy the things.Amu was in the supermarket buying some jelly when she heard a deep voice behind her"Buyig some things?"

Amu jumped when she Ikuto's voice.Her face turn a slight red before she answered"It's none of your buiness!"

Ikuto smirked and walked out of the supermarket."Amu likes Ikuto!" Ran,Miki and Su laughed

Amu yelled at them to shut up and people were staring at her.She made haste to buy the things and got out of the supermarket.Suddenly,she saw something black flew past her saying"Useless."

"X-eggs!" Amu shouted

She ran after them and saw Ikuto standing on a tree holding an X-egg.He was threathning to break it and he did that.Amu character transform and purified the rest of the eggs.After Amu purified the eggs she looked at the spot where Ikuto was standing.There was an aura around him that scared Amu a little."Hinamori-san!" Tadase shouted.

Amu turned around with a fake smile plastered on her face.

(A/N:That's it for chapter one.Hope you enjoyed it!)
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Posted 12/23/08
Nice! Update soon! Nice Christmas fanfic! :]
Wow Ikuto aura. o_o
Posted 12/23/08
I'll post it tmrw if I can
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Posted 12/23/08
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Posted 12/23/08
Nice chapter! update soon
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(A/N:Okay everyone. Here's the second chapter.Earlier than expected :p)

~Heart Eggs and A Broken Heart~

Amu lay on her bed.She toss and turn around"Why was there an unsettling aura around Ikuto?" Amu wondered aloud.

Amu decided to go to sleep as she had school tomorrow.The next morning she woke up.She rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock.It said 9.05 a.m..Amu rubbed her eyes thinking she was dreaming,she wasn't.Amu was livid.She was very late for school.She shouted at the charas"Im very late for school why didn't you wake me up?!"

Hearing no reply from them.Amu quickly got up and change into her uniform.She made sure her uniform was the cool and spicy way.She brush her hair and tied it up.She ran downstairs and grabbed a sandwich.She ran out of the house not bothering to say goodbye and ran while she ate.She reached the school panting.She ran to the class and as she was closer to the class she walked.She walked into the classroom.Nikado-sensei was very angry"Himamori-san!Why are you late?" He demanded

Amu rolled her eyes"It's not none of your buiness"

The girls all said with admiration"Cool and Spicy!"

"Get out of the class!Stay there until it ends!" Nikado-sensai shouted

Amu walked out of the class.She stayed outisde for a while and decided to go to the park.She was walking outside when she saw some X-eggs flying around"X-eggs!" Amu shouted

Amu ran and saw Ikuto breaking all of them.The aura was still around him but it was more intense.Amu thought the aura as murderous.She shook her head and shouted"Why are you breaking everyone heart eggs?They all have a dream!You can't destroy it!"

Ikuto looked up at her."I have to destroy them.That's what Easter said"

Amu looked schocked"But you can disobey!"

Ikuto didn't say anything.Just as Ikuto was about to jumped off the tree branch Amu shouted"I hate you!"

Ikuto looked at her with eyes of being schocked.He jumped off the tree branch and disappeared.Amu's hand flew over her mouth.She could not believe that she said that.She shouted after him"Ikuto!" but it was too late.

(A/N:Hope u like this chapter!)
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Posted 12/24/08
Aww poor Ikuto. Thanks for updating ^^ The story is going quite fine so far xD
Posted 12/24/08
Yeah.I read yours.Pink and Blue I like it!
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