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Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/24/08
I havnt been on lately and i need help with this group i wanna make this group activeee :P

so plzz help mee

here r the positions that r avaliable 4 this group:

This group is very different from the others we have 4 important positions.
Forum Inspectors, Graphic Smarties, The Specials, The Perfects

Forum Inspectors
Forum Inspectors are important but not that much. These people are inchardge of making forums, and inspecting them to make shure nothing bad happens in them

Graphic Smarties
Graphic Smarties are pertty much important. These people get to add pictures and revamp the group profile but the dont get accessed and put the graphics by themselves so instead to change the profile the need to give the pictures to my and then i put them in. Also these people get to make new forums but they dont get to inspect becuase thats the forum inspector's job.

The Specials
The specials are at the same level as the graphic smarties but just a tiny bit higher. They get to mod the wall. They also get to put pics in like the graphic smarties, and post forums like the forum inspector but they dont make any graphics for the profile but when the graphic smarties are on vacation and i cant get in reach then ill have to ask the specials to make graphics but this is only for emergancies. If you want to be a secial then you must be one of my close friends or atlease you talk a lot to me. You must know how to make graphics from photoshop or something that can make really good graphics with.

The Perfects

These people are higher then all of them. These people get to do what all the other jobs can do but the most thing that this job has to do is that you have to watch the lower class do there job and also you get to do things they do really your just looking out for things and yeah i guess.... but also you must have an intelligant mind becuase you will be helping me make ideas and everything.... if your on vacation then i will ask the specials. If you want this job you must be my friend on my favorites. Cause i want to let a person i know about do this job a person i can trust. You will also must know how to work photoshop becuase sometimes ill ask you to take over the grpahic smartie's job.

how u apply:

why u want the position:
summary about ur self:
small icon (pic):


username: christyMONSTAH
nickname: Christy
dob: August 5th
position: perfect
Why you want the position: (im actually in chardge of this group so iono what to put here xD)
summary about your self:
i'm an out going person, and i play the piano, i love to do a lot o sports
small icon:
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