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Posted 12/24/08
Write a story here and post it!!! Show-off your writing skills!!!! This isn't a contest, its for fun!!! Have fun writing your story!!! I'll post mine later.
Posted 12/24/08
A short fic on feelings:

So is this how it is then? My gaze froze on that intimate point of contact between locked lips; those of both I loved: my best friend, my love. They’re eyes were closed at the pleasure, arms wrapped tightly around each other. My previous thoughts of… of an early Christmas reunion disappeared like a puff of smoke. Nothing filled my mind, only that echoing, sonic-like passionate kiss between him and her. The image flashed over and over again, doubling with the scene right before my eyes.
The void turned into confusion. This couldn’t be happening… no… It was probably a misunderstanding… a trick of the light… a nightmare… SOMETHING… Just not… not this.
I wasn’t prepared at all what hit me next.
Pain. Deep, unreachable pain rushed through me. It made me stagger a bit. My mouth opened, but no sounds came out. My mind’s not working. Sharp piercing hollowness jabbed at every pore of my being. Excruciating, insufferable, agonizing pain… I swallowed, lick my dry lips.
It felt like centuries had passed, but did I really care? I only knew I’d be wallowing in this immeasurably deep and vast pool of anguish and despair for who knows how long. I just stood there… stood there, and stared. I stared, silently counting the seconds, minutes before they parted, panting and slightly breathless, lips flushed and slightly swollen.
Perhaps it was guilt… intuition, which pulled her gaze to me. That agonizingly foreign pair of emerald eyes that was sparkling with guilty pleasure seconds ago was filled with horror.
A fresh wave of torture washed through me… Why? It didn’t make sense… I could only stare deep into those bright emerald eyes, now swimming in tears, and attempt to understand… understand myself. Why did I feel… feel guilt when she saw me?
The answer was clear, but painful.
But I’m already used to that. A bit more won’t make any difference.
I loved her.
I loved her enough to let her go and allow someone else to provide her with the happiness she wants, she needs.
Perhaps this was something I couldn’t give her.
I saw them walk towards me, he leading with an arm raised as a shield; to defend her if I was to do anything to harm her.
That was enough.
I pulled the edges of my lips up, forcing myself to smile, startling the couple. Then, I about-faced, then walked out the wooden threshold.
Everything was woozy. The images around me were slightly distorted; the bartender’s calm face doubled, then tripled.
I took another swig of the biting liquid, feeling it rush down my throat, leaving a burning path in its wake. The liquor warmed my frozen body, also boggled my all-too clear mind.
This was good. It was a good barricade. My thoughts drifted far, from deserts to goats to terra-cotta, never coming to the same thing twice. This assured me, that I won’t think about that again.
I took another couple of swigs of that amber liquor, feeling its effects taking toll as the bar door’s heavy slam left an echo accordingly in my mind. I licked my lips, swallowing the last drops of that comforting drink.
Hypocrisy was the word. On TV and dramas, we always tsk at that drunken man, the one that goes to drink to hide from something. Hypocrite.
My thoughts when I was watching those shows re-ran in my brain. I knew this wasn’t a solution. I should go back, go back and tell them my decision for her happiness. I’d tell them I love the both of them, and… and congratulate them. I’d sign that state-approved form for divorce. I’d do that all…
But right now, this was enough.
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Posted 12/26/08 , edited 12/26/08
Its just randomness xD

May bounced her basketball and shoot it into the hoop. I watched her, thinking that I will never be as good as her.
"How about a try?" May asked me. I shook my head. But May threw the basketball at me anyways. Bam! It hit me in the face. I gasped, my vision quickly blurred and then returned to normal. "Are you ok?" May asked me, holding my hand. I shook my head again. It's ok, it's ok, I thought, May would never do anything like this.
My boyfriend stood over the fence, laughing. My face turned into the colour of tomatoes. He laughed harder, making me feel worse. May walked away from me, leaving me sitting on my butt in the basketball court. I watched May talk to Harry. My boyfriend laughed at something May said. I felt a pang of betrayal. How could she do that? I thought, angrily.
I stood up and picked up the basketball and walked away from my best friend and my boyfriend. I didn't care about May anymore, she had broken our childhood promise, and I wouldn't ever forgive her. Never.
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Posted 12/31/08
o.o i gotsz tons of stories XD but the one im most interested is chi togiretogire mugen chi togiretogire hatsu ^^ come...all I see is snow...? No wait...over there....what's that....blood...? Who's though....? No...mines...? It' blood? Am I...dying? Or am I...already....dead...? White...snow...nothingness...I can't...see...Where am...I?

Chi TogireTogire Mugen, Chi TogireTogire Hatsu ([A] Thousand Broken Dreams, [A] Thousand Broken Hearts])



Yuki, the girl who was said to have been reincarnated, for atleast nine hundred ninty nine times. This lifetime, is going to be the thousandth. But when something other then the prophercy says, happens. What could she do but risk her life, and never reincarnate again? Or would she just let the world end in a thousand pieces. A thousand broken dreams. A thousand broken hearts. Her Angel Imps who she has known for so long, has suddenly disappeared. Her friends have lost their hearts, replacing them with darkness. Their minds have went blank, they could never be returned to their normal self again. Until Yuki saves them. But the question she strong enough? Can she do it? We'll see...

~Lala, this story will have it's first chapter up after I finish Juuichi Rozu [Halfway done with it XD]~

Hi, my name is Yuki. I have been through so many adventures and have tons of memories. My best friends are little angel imps. Hikari, which means bright, because she was a yellow angel imp. Kuro and Angie. Each of them are specifically made for me. They each have a different strength and ability. Which is why I love them all. As I have been through each of my reincarnation. I would lose a part of my memory which involved a deep connection of love. Which is why I try not to love someone. Because it'll end up as I forgetting them. My power, is snow. But sometimes snow can become your ememy. Just think about it. What would happen if something other then someone said happened? What would you do? Here's what I did...

[o-O i think i got a pretty got summary in here XDDD<3 so awesome ;3]

My life is like a poison knife. Which cuts through everything I have. My memories are like see through glass. Which you could see every single memory I have ever gotton. My friends are like a little puddle. Which is how little friends I have ever gotton in almost a thousand years. But, what my life isn't like. Is a peaceful summer breeze. Which is how not difficult my life was. I wish my life would end. Never to reincarnate again. To atleast remember my loved one. But that'll never happen...

"What are you doing with this worthless piece of trash?!" Shouted my evil step mom, Stephanie, as she roughly ripped my diary from my grip. Yeah, Stephanie sounds like an innocent, pretty girl's name. Yeah right, my step mother never liked me. She didn't even know why her husband, aka my dad, Henry, even adopted me. Well, that's a secret Henry and I will plan on keeping from her. "A girl can't keep a diary?" I shouted, taking a strong grip onto my diary. "Why would you need to right down every trash thing that happens in your life?!" Stephanie asked, trying to yank the diary out of my hands. "BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS LIFETIME!" I shouted by accident. "What was that?" Stephanie asked alittle shocked. "Because I would love my GRANDCHILDREN to know what I did during my life." I lied covering up what I said before. "Yeah, right." Stephanie said, yanking the book out of my grip, and walking out the door. "Stupid step mom." I growled to myself, popping the window open.
"Deary, I think you shouldn't be so hard on, Yuki. She's been through alot." Henry said calmly towards he's wife. "Why shouldn't be so hard on her?! She's a worthless piece of *beep*. She has no point in living in this *beep* world." Stephanie growled. Henry forced the temptation to roll he's eyes and spoke. "She does have a point in living. If you don't see that, I see no point in stil living with you." Henry growled back. "Are...are you getting a divorce with me?!" Stephanie shouted. " I or am I not?" Henry said smirking. "You'll regret this. You'll regret it badly." Stephanie growled, then marched out the door with her things. "No I wouldn't deary, because I know Yuki'll be saving you one day."
"There goes Stephanie." I said chuckling a bit. My elbow on the sill of my window, watching Stephanie stomp away from the house. Slamming her car door shut and drove off. I closed my eyes, sighing a bit. Meoo....Meoo...myuu...nyaah... My eyes snapped opened. "Kuro? Hikari? Angie?" I whispered, walking towards my closet. MEOOO...MEOOO..MYUU...NYAAH... I slowly opened the closet only to be tackled down by little kitties with wings sprouting from their backs. Each of them with different colored fur, and glittering white wings.

[o-o...*beep* :D]

[I was boredd T^T]

more in mah favie groupie til death d0 us part ^^
Posted 3/12/09
This went all New Moon on me
for those who knows

I could only stare on that foggy morning. I could only stare when the words flowed out of his mouth… from between his perfect lips. Every crevasse, every movement… They all were perfectly engraved into my mind, never to be weathered away; always there staring at me in the face. I could only stare… stare because my mind was numb… my body was numb. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. Nothing. I could only… I could only stare.
No, I couldn’t hear it… Strangely there was nothing I could hear. I only read those words on his lips… and his pain from saying those words that were etched onto his face…
His face… His deep black eyes that sparkled when he smiled… that glistened in the sun… His prominent nose and tall cheekbones… All so perfect against that alabaster hued face… That beautiful face that’ll forever remain with me… next to my normal one on the single picture on my tabletop.
It never made sense… I knew that… For him to love me… I had thought it was a dream… such a beautiful dream at that… Beautiful, breath-taking… everything I could possibly hope for.
But like all dreams… it disappeared… It disappeared with the cruel reality of waking up… Well… the cruel waking up called reality. Ironically… this was like a nightmare… only such a beautiful nightmare… one that you know will stay with you for the rest of your life.
I could remember his cold skin against mine… no difference, I was as numb as it is… I had hoped he would stay… And when he walked away, I had hoped he would turn… And when he disappeared into the trees… I had hoped I would wake up. But something inside me knew this wasn’t a dream… My damned sub-consciousness… I could hear my own breathing getting shorter and shallower as waking tears pooled in my eyes, spilling over to form hot trails against my cheeks… so painful against my cold skin.
No coherent words flashed through my mind… That I remember. But I remember my legs giving out from underneath me… and my bare knees against the dew-drenched… cold earth. My eyes never trailed from that very spot where he disappeared into, as fast as lightning. My head never turned when I fell… only turning down to the ground when my hands shook against the cool, muddy ground. All this time the tears kept flowing… dipping through the edges of my lips into my mouth, salty against my tongue… then some sodden against the already moist ground.
Something dragged me up… another deed from my subconscious mind. Something dragged me up on my feet and made me follow him through the bramble-filled woods. I ran… ran as fast as I could… straining each and every step to pull my soaked shoe up from the slick floor. Impatiently I kicked them off, but regretting it when I reached the rocks.
…But I didn’t care then… I remember… I remember tears… pain… regret… weariness… fatigue… And all the while more tears…
I ran blindly through the cold woods… cold, unfamiliar woods. I could feel wetness under my worn-though sock that had nothing to do with the ground… and the same wetness on the palms of my hands… Every time I slipped, not wanting to get up any longer… That same something would push me up and force me forward, refusing the lethargy.
Pain radiated from every inch of my body… muscles from exhaustion… feet from running… hands from steadying myself every few steps… lungs from not being able to breath properly, from crying and running… eyes from the burning hot tears… ears from each painful rustle of the leaf that would replay the scene in my mind… throat from the seemingly endless coating of dust from breathing through my mouth… mind from… from being blank… being blank to everything except that few minutes of my life… then my chest. There was a strained, negative feeling coming from my chest, like someone’s fist is tightly clenched around my heart, preventing it to move, to supply blood.
Then finally, fatigue won over. This time when I fell to the ground, I couldn’t stand back up. Nothing that force did could stand me up straight to run again… could make me chase after him any more… All I could do is lay there… who knew how long? I just lay on the soggy ground, replaying the scene over and over again… That’s just it… I know this… But I don’t want to… I don’t want to know this…
My breathing eased up, but silent tears still flowed down my face, now all onto the left side because of my position. My blurry vision couldn’t focus on anything… My exhausted mind couldn’t process anything… My worn out body couldn’t connect with anything… But there was just one thing that ran through my mind… Like a sole part of the hard drive saved from the destructive virus…
He was gone. He is gone. He’s gone, gone forever for all I know. He’s gone. Gone, just like that. If I had known it I would’ve pressed against him longer the last time we hugged, would’ve stayed still a bit longer the last time we kissed, would’ve stayed a bit quieter during our last rendezvous… He’s gone. He’s gone. He’s gone…
He’s gone.
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