DaeSung, “There are still awkward moments between me and Hyori”
Posted 12/24/08

DaeSung was recently on KBS 2TV ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2′ with the other Big Bang members when he said, “Lee Hyori is like a real noona to me. But when we meet as singers on stage, there are still awkward moments between us.”

There has been many times when DaeSung and Lee Hyori had met as singers on music programmes this summer.

During broadcast programmes, DaeSung would go up to Hyori and greet her by “noona~”. But when Hyori ‘transformed’ into ’singer Hyori’, DaeSung expressed when he goes up to her, he could only give a formal greeting.

Hyori, without her makeup on ‘Family Outing’ would give a more comfortable image than the ’sexy Hyori‘ with makeup on stage. DaeSung expressed that he sometimes cannot adapt to such different images and feels that Hyori gives.
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