Wu Jing: I respect all forms of martial art
Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/24/08

While movie "Ip Man" is already a box office success, scandals and rumors continue to circle the movie and lead actor Donnie Yen. He is reported to be involved in severe underground argument with China action star Wu Jing. At the same time, Wu has been condemned by Wing Chun followers for disrespecting their grandmaster Ip Man when he claims that he has never heard of the latter. Wu later denies to have shown disrespect.

Wu says on Sunday, the incident which Wing Chun followers were referring to, happened a month ago and he does not remember exactly how his words were put. However, he admits that he did not know of Ip Man before the movie and only learned of the master through recent news reporting. "It is impossible for me to insult Master Ip Man or Wing Chun martial art. If my master learns about it, he will kill me," Wu says.

Wu explains that he knows of the famous form of Wing Chun martial art and has even discussed it with Hong Kong actors Nicholas Tse and Ronald Cheng. He has also considered using Wing Chun in his movie. "I respect every form of kungfu," he says.

With regards to the friendly match challenge initiated by Wing Chun followers, Wu reserves his comments but says, "If this is done for promotional purposes, I think it's alright."

Yen only learned of this matter while he was in Beijing for an event. "I will definitely give them a call to find out what's going on. I have to first understand what caused the situation; I believe it is a misunderstanding," he says.
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