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Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/24/08
In The Name of God


boy : he... he... he...
(one boy is runnig from a big castle and now he's searching for a way to run)
boy he.. he.. where the hell is the outside door
(and after a minut he find's the door and when he want's to open it there is a voice from behind)
man are you running a way
(after a few second he looking at back)
boy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(the boy using all of his power to attack that man and its like pig impact will release)
(a boy is waking up from his dreamin in forest)
ironosidewhat is this again i dreamed about it again.i have seen this dream more ten times until now.
( and he waked up and prepare himself for continue his way in the forest )
ironosidei think my name is Ironoside (he will look at his necklace [written on it hayo ironoside]) i dont remember anything. its about 10 day i waked up and i find my self in a big forest.
with a nacklace.and two heavy and big swords. i remember anything about human life i mean what is human and how they talk how they live but i dont know where i came from, where i belong, is hayo
ironoside is my real name, what i am doing in forest, why i can't remember any thing from my past. the only thing that i know is this dream but the problem is that boy inside my dream it's me
or not and if no what is his conection with me and if yes when this happened or is this will be happen in futur.but for now i have one big problem and its how can i get out from this forest.
(so after a minut he saw a lion)ironoside ha a lion .he looks strong let's play with him .( and he's going in front of a lion but when lion saw him he will run away)
ironoside ha what happen did we ever begun the battle hmmmm then why he run hmmmm haaa i remember now i fight with him yesterday and i beat him up thats why he run.
oh waith a minut is this mean i forget any thing so fast i thik i find out way my memory is gone lol [an idiot]
(a girl Shouting voice)(ironoside move himself so fast and he went to near a voice to see what is going on)
(after he arived he saw same lion in there and he thinked that lion is attacking the girl)
(when he come near he saw a lion is defeated )ironoside{is the girl done this.!!!}
(but the girl is still screaming) ironoside hey hey come on the lion is dead.
girl not lion. there is a rate over there.
ironoside a rat (after that he looked aroundand saw it he catch a rat and said)
ironoside this
girl yes please trow it away
(and ironoside thrown it away and wattching a girl with surprising face)
ironoside you defeated a lion and now scared of a rat!!!
girl what i am girl after all and thank you for helping me.
ironoside doesn't need to thanks me...{wait a second why i dont ask her to help me to go out of this forest} i...
girl ohh i i used most of my power and i forget where is the right direction
ironoside {haaaa what the hell i was thinking, she dont know were to go too.} so dont you want to tell me how you beat up a lion.
you know i mean for the girl lion is strong and girl can't beat up the lion atless not like what you done to lion.
girl oh its because i can use Ultimate Power
ironosideUltimate Power
girl you dont know what is ultimate power
ironoside no
girl it's right that ordinary peolple dont know so much about it.atless they know what is it.
ironoside ...
girl ok where i should begin.Ultimate Power is a special ability that some people can learn it and they must train hard to improve it and become master it
ironoside{i didnt get it at all but it seem's interesting}oh that's ultimate power.
girl do you live around here
ironoside no
girl so if you dont live here what are you doing here.
ironosidehmmm i lost here too
girl : who said that i losti just loss some power and i need some rest, by the way my name is ... Tori Ren
(and ironoside was watching her eyes ) ironoside :{whats is this felling i think some thing is wrong}
Ren {oh no did he know} s-o i a-m r-e-a-d-y.
ironoside ready
Ren yes watch and see what i can do with my ultimate power (she puted his hand on tree and close her eyes and with deep breath and waiting)yes i find it.
ironoside find itdo you mean the way to go out of forest but how
Ren i can use wood power. one of the ultimate power .so i used my wood power to conect with all tree in this forest and i find a way for outside the forest.
Ren dont be will know what is this and i will help you if you want to learn .
ironoside (he become a little happy)
Ren and later like me you can use it but for now lets start moving
(and they walked)
ironoside{it seem's ultimate power is some thing awesome and i like to learn it to become strong too}
Ren by the way what's your name
ironoside for now you can call me ironoside
Renironoside.. what a strange name i didn't know name like this ever exist
ironoside ...
Ren i dont mean its bad i mean its my first time i hear it
ironoside{my name is diffrent,i dont know why but it seem's i am going in right direction}

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter01
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