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Posted 12/24/08 , edited 5/2/10

Last Update to the Story ::
April 5 2010(( Editing to make it look prettier and such ^^ ))
May 6 2009 (( A new Character, and an Old Friend?! ))
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** There are total 22 chapters in this story :3

Chapter One

Ember woke up from a seemingly deep slumber. Everything was black. She could hear a sort of roaring noise somewhere. She wanted to know where she was, but didn’t know how to find out. Her eyes flickered open, and she stared for a time into a deep blue expanse that seemed to go on and on. A bright white ball was on the edge of her vision, and she had to squint. Eventually, she just closed her eyes again. Sky, the word fit itself with the blue expanse she had seen. Sun.

She wondered where she was. Why had she been looking at the sky? She opened her eyes again, and this time, a shape moved to block the brightness of the sun. It startled her. It was a blob with five long stubs sticking out of it, and a big one at the other end that was longer and seemed to be connected to… something. Hand. It’s my hand. She moved the long stubs. Fingers. Wrist. Arm. She moved her wrist.

The sight and recognition of her hands and fingers reminded Ember that she had a body that would move to her bidding.

She sat up, facing toward a roaring noise. Waves, she remembered. She looked down at where she was sitting. There were tiny off-white crystals; millions of them, she noticed. Sand.

So many things were coming back to her now. She sat on a beach.

To her right: north, she realized, according to the sun, the beach gently curved west, adding a closed in sort of touch to the wide-open space surrounding her. To her left, which was south, the beach continued straight for as far as Ember could see.

Ember did not know where she was. Or who she was. She knew her name was Ember, and that she was 19 years old. But nothing else came to her mind. She didn’t know what she was.

She looked down at her legs, and decided to stand. Like a child still learning to walk, she stood; carefully, taking her time so she wouldn’t fall over. She was dizzy, and unused to using her muscles. When she was confident she could stand, she looked down at herself.
She had red-orange hair that went just a bit past her shoulders. It was parted on the side, but at the moment it was all over. She reached up and pulled it behind her ears to keep it out of her eyes. She was wearing a T-shirt and baggy Capri’s; loose, and not very spiffy, in her own opinion.

Surprised that she knew this- what these things were and what they did- she thought a bit. Until the sand came up to hit her on the chin; she had still been looking down, and lost her balance. She sat cross-legged where she fell and continued her thinking.

She seemed to remember some things now. But it all seemed wrong to her. She remembered the beach, and a sense of being somewhere. But she was always alone there, and “there” seemed to be no-where. Could there be others like me? She wondered. She couldn’t help feeling like something was missing.

After thinking this over, she decided to explore this strange place.

She stood again, and slowly made her way to the edge of some steep dunes. There were trees at the top, and she decided to get closer to them. But first, she stooped to look closely at the things in the sand. She looked carefully at the tiny berries on the small shrubs and the little seeds in the tall grass. She saw millions of grains of tiny sand, and many crickets. There are so many of them. She noticed every small detail, like a child exploring her new environment.

When she got up from her careful investigation, Ember saw that there was a line in the sand where there was no grass or shrubs, as if just for walking on. She started on her climb. By the time she was half way up she was exhausted. The dunes were steep and took a lot of energy to climb. But she couldn’t rest here because she would most likely slide down all the way she had come if she did, so she had to get to the top. When she did, she looked behind her. She saw small waves, row upon row of them crashing on the beach where she had been asleep just minutes before. She turned to look further down the beach, surprised at how much further she could see than before. She turned inland again and looked beyond the trees at the top of the dunes.

She saw a vast meadow, with taller and denser grass than the ones that grew on the dunes and millions of bright flowers. Orange, red, purple, blue and yellow all mixed in her head and made Ember dizzy. Three birds flew out of the grass, startled by a fox looking for a meal. They soared to the sky, which was almost cloudless, and deep, deep blue, as she had noticed when she opened her eyes for the first time. The one cloud in the sky was a light fluffy thing of bright white. She stared at it for a while, and soon saw a small dot fly out from behind it. She wondered what in the world it could be, but decided not to worry about it much. She had no way of knowing if this sort of thing was normal or not.

Walking through the meadow, with the soothing smells of the flowers and the sounds of small animals scurrying all around her, Ember was transfixed. Feeling the fatigue from the hard climb, she lay down in the grass, and dozed awhile. The sun shone on her, a warm, soothing blanket of light, and she could feel the dampness of the grass under her. It was what was left from the morning’s dew.

Something in her heart told her that this was springtime, the time of blooming and love. She felt magical, and for a split second, sad. She wondered how and why, amidst all this beauty, she could feel sad.

She let herself fall into a light sleep, and only for an hour or so. When she woke, the sun was slightly lower in the sky than it had been, in the direction of the beach, and her shadow was longer. That, and the quiet chirping of crickets in the distance told her that dark was approaching. It also told her to find shelter before it arrived. Not far from where she had fallen asleep, the edge of a vast forest spread before her. She had been too dazed to see it before, with the spell of spring cast on her.

Ember walked slowly toward the trees. She was careful not to step on too many flowers, but after a while decided that there were plenty of them and that it would be okay to step on a few. She picked up her pace and didn’t look down as often to check for flowers.

She reached the edge of the forest in a few minutes and looked in.

She saw millions of trees, all with new leaves in every shade of green and trunks of any shade of brown. A robin’s nest sat between two branches of the nearest tree to Ember, and in it were 4 light blue eggs. They looked so beautiful and she didn’t dare go any nearer, for fear of scaring away the mother and father. Then, as if on que, they flew in to check on the eggs. The mother stayed and sat gently on them, keeping them warm until they hatched. The father took off again, either startled by Ember or to get food for his mate.

Then, a small bunny scurried out from under a bush. Ember called, “here bunny, here bun-” but stopped short. She had not spoken since she woke up and it felt weird on her tongue. She touched her lips, slowly remembering all the sounds they made and what they meant.

The bunny hopped off, probably to find its mother in its den and hide behind her for protection.

Ember looked up, and through a hole in the thick canopy saw a pink sky. She knew it would get dark very fast now, and also realized that she was hungry; she had not eaten. She was now aware of her body and how things inside her worked. She needed to find something to eat before her stomach started growling too much.

She organized her possibilities in her head. She could go to the beach and catch a fish or two, or she could try and catch something in the woods. She could try and find some berries to eat, but they would not satisfy her all the way, just enough for the night.

She decided that she would not be able to get all the way to the beach, catch a few fish, and get back to the shelter of the woods before it got dark. And besides, she thought, I have nothing to catch or cook them with, even if I knew how to catch and cook them.

She did not know how to catch anything in the woods either. Hunting was not her thing, she realized with a bit of soul searching.

So she decided to find some berries. For some reason, she knew which ones were good, and what they looked like. She just had to find them.

Being careful not to go too far in, Ember looked for berries. She found two bushes, full with ripe red berries, and further on found three bushes, also full and ripe, but with black ones this time. Somehow she knew they were okay to eat. She ate as many as she wanted, until her stomach was satisfied, and picked some to save for the morning.

Now Ember had to find a place to sleep that would be safe if it rained, and where she could be safe from animals in the night. It was almost dark, and she was tired. She would not be able to search in the dark for a nice place to sleep, so she had to find one soon.

She headed back the way she had come, going a bit deeper into the forest, and soon found a small clearing about 15 feet wide with a small ditch on one side, just her size. She filled the ditch with soft grass and leaves, and lay down. When she had made herself comfortable and her breathing had slowed, she looked up at the quickly darkening sky through the small hole in the treetops.

She wanted a fire. The warmth would help to make her feel safer, for most animals don’t like fire. She somehow knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep without one.

She sat bolt upright, for she felt a soothing warmth in her palm, spreading slowly through her heart. But the moment she sat up, it was gone. She lay back down, and after a while, when it was pitch black, her want of a fire increased. The warmth was there again, and before she scared herself again, she looked. But the little flame that she saw there immediately disappeared when she got startled.

She wished for fire again, and scared herself yet again, making it go back out. She sighed. This is ridiculous!

She tried again, but this time was prepared for it. She did not start, and the tiny flame stayed. She stared at it in wonder.

She played with it a bit, commanding it to get bigger, and it did. She made it jump in the air and do flips, and anything she could think of.

But soon a spark caught the grass, and it burst into flame. She told it to stop spreading, for it was rapidly doing so. It stopped. She told it to get smaller and it did. Then she told it to return to her hand and it jumped lightly and landed right in the exact spot she had wanted it to.

She was amazed. She could somehow control the fire. And when she “played” with it, an odd mix of the feelings of power and complete serenity came over her. That is, after she was used to the fact that a flame sat in her hand, touching her bare skin, and not hurting her at all.

She dug a small hole next to her sleeping spot, and put rocks around the edges. She gathered small branches from the trees, and tall grass from around her, and built a home for the fire. She made it appear in her palm and told it to go to its home and stay in there. It slowly and smoothly glided from her hand to the place she had made for it. The branches and grass caught fire, but the rocks kept it from going outside the circle. Ember gathered spare tinder for her fire and set it close to her.

Contented, she lay back down and fell asleep quickly, but with a racing mind, wondering why she was here and where “here” was.

Chapter Two

Ember walked down an empty corridor. No doors, no lights, nothing on the walls. She walked on for what seemed to be hours.

Then, when she was just about to give up the walk, the walls around her disappeared and she stood in a large room with no doors except big double glass doors that led to a balcony.

The room looked like a child’s. In the far left corner from her, a big toy chest stood with a teddy’s arm sticking out. In the middle of the room was a couch, facing a large fireplace, also to her left. On the wall opposite the fireplace, stood two twin sized four-poster beds with silk orange canopies that swayed in the wind of the opened double doors. The shape and color of the canopies reminded Ember of an upside down flame. Next to the beds were small bedside tables, with a white lace cloth draped over them. On one of the tables were a small lamp and a piece of paper.

The walls had pictures. Dozens of them. But when Ember got a closer look at them, she found that they were just empty frames.

Ember walked to the table by the bed that had the piece of paper and looked at it. It read:

Princess Fira, age 5.

She put the paper back where it had been and walked towards the double doors. The long white curtains that stood in front of them swayed in the wind and looked to Ember like they would grab her and suck her in. This made her almost afraid to go any nearer, but she knew somewhere in her heart that she had to.

She walked closer to the curtains and grabbed the nearest one. She pulled it away from the doors to let her through. The curtain obeyed and, still flowing in the wind, moved with her hand out of her way. She stepped through the open doors onto the balcony. She was about three stories up, and below her to one side, a vast field with endless wildflowers spread around her, enveloping her in its beauty. To her other side and down a bit was the tree line of a vast and seemingly endless forest at the base of a massive mountain range.

She just stared out for a while, taking in all the beauty of it. The gentle purple ridges of the mountains in the fading light and the sweet aroma of the wildflowers below made her dizzy, and she had to leave the balcony.

When she got back into the room however, three figures were sitting in front of the fireplace on the floor. She sat down on the couch and watched the three shapes. They began to take the form of children, and Ember felt a bit odd. The children had no colors, just black shapes. And they had no faces and no hair. All they had where those things should have been were smooth surfaces in the shape of a head. All three of the children shapes seemed to look up at her as the scene slowly disappeared.

The last thing left before her dream ended and she woke up was the figure in the middle. It remained until the very end.

And then it was gone, with the rest of her dream, as Ember woke up.

Chapter Three

When Ember woke up, her heart was pounding. The dream she had was stuck in her head and seemed so real.

She felt like she knew the three child figures from her dream. Especially the one in the middle. The one who had stayed after all the rest had vanished. But how could she? She didn’t even know herself.

She looked at her fire pit, and realized she hadn’t needed to gather extra kindling. The fire kept itself alive. She probably hadn’t even needed to gather kindling at all.

She realized that the fire did exactly what she wanted it to do. The only reason it had caught the grass earlier was because it was what she’d expected. She tried it now, and made sure she didn’t want or expect it to catch, and it didn’t. She even left the little flame for a while, and came back to find it still flickering happily, no bigger or smaller than when she’d left it. She put it out and looked around blankly.

She decided to try to find a stream to wash off. She was also very thirsty, for she had not had anything to drink since she woke up on the beach yesterday, and her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth uncomfortably.

She walked through the woods to the meadow. She then followed the tree line for about a mile before she heard the trickle of a stream.

She quickened her pace at the sound of the water.

When she reached the little stream, she knelt down to drink from the cool water. It was ice cold and very refreshing. She felt it flow down her throat. She followed the stream into the woods and not too far in a small pool had formed. This was a perfect spot for a bath.

Ember stripped off her clothes and stepped into the pool. Only her feet were in it, but the chill ran up to her shoulders. She let herself become completely submersed in the crystal clear water.

A few fish and small water animals swam past her feet, tickling her with their fins. Ember let out a small laugh of joy and returned to the surface for air.

She swam around like this for what seemed like hours, just letting herself have a good time.

When she decided to get out, she realized that she did not have anything to dry off with. She stood, bare naked and cold in the wind, thinking of what she might do to dry herself before she shivered too much or caught a cold.

She made a flame in her palm, because she had found that it helped her concentrate. She was still amazed that it did not hurt her at all, even though it touched her bare skin. In fact, it felt quite good to her. It was almost as if it was merely another part of herself. A warm and comforting sensation went through her every time she made a tiny flame in her palm. And as the fire got bigger, the comfort turned into a feeling of strength and power. She made the fire bigger, remembering this, and it covered her arm. She made it cover her chest and other arm in the next second, and let it stay like that for a bit. It felt so good. She never wanted it to stop. She let the fire completely consume her and felt such a surge of energy go through her. She felt so alive like this.

She slowly let the flames touching her whole body reduce to the tiny, comforting flicker it had been. She was completely dry now.

She let the flame go into her palm again and put her clothes on. She tucked her orange hair behind her ear before leaving the pool.

To her left, she heard a rustle, and saw a small squirrel come out from under a bush. She ignored it and headed back to the meadow. She sat down in the grass, and then put her back to the ground, and just soaked up the heat from the sun. She lay like this for some time, just taking in all the beauty that surrounded her.

In the sky above Ember, high above, she saw the same speck she had seen before, the day before. She wondered what it could be, flying through the air like that.

After pondering this for a few moments, she decided that she would go down to the beach and explore that area.

When she got to the tree line on the edge of the dunes, she wondered if she would be able to catch a fish. But she realized that she had nothing to catch it with and shrugged. She was getting hungry though.

She found some thick vines and wove a shallow basket, more like a plate, in about half and hour. She had not known that she could weave. Not until she had needed to.

She climbed down the dunes and raced the air toward the water. The salty smell was strong in the air, and it made her nose sting a bit.

Ember managed to catch four small fish in her basket and set them on the beach while she searched for treasures. When she had combed the whole mile stretch of beach she could before her stomach told her to go back, she came back to her fish. She cooked the first one with her fire.

She found that if she made a flame into the shape of a knife, she could hold it firmly in her hand and use it to cut through the fish while cooking it at the same time. Without burning herself! On the last fish, she tried it without her hands and found that she didn’t need to be touching the fire to control in. She could do it with her mind.

After she had eaten the four fish, Ember buried the bones in the sand.

She caught four more fish and put them in her basket to take back to her clearing for dinner. She was proud of the fish, and surprised that she knew how to cook and eat them, as well as catch them. She carried them to her clearing in the woods, and by the time she got there, her shadow was a bit longer. She set the fish on a stick above some slow burning and smoky wood. She’d smoke the fish to save for later.

She was thirsty again, for the salt in the water at the beach made it bad for drinking, only making Ember more thirsty when she had tried it earlier. She found her way back to the pool and found also that it took less time to get to from her clearing than from the edge of the forest.

She drank deeply from the pool and sat on a large rock to dangle her feet in the water. She thought again of the dream she had had last night. She wondered who the children shapes were and if she really did know them, like she thought. She wondered if it was just a weird, but ordinary dream, or if it meant something that she needed to know. It had all seemed too real to be “just a dream” and had to mean something. But the question that stayed in her head the whole time was why the figure in the middle had stayed in her dream longer than the other two.

Ember realized that the sun was setting, for the sky was a deep pink color, reflected in the pool below it. She headed toward her clearing, and by the time she reached it, the sky was bright orange. But she didn’t notice this, because a strange young man was standing at the other end of the clearing, staring intently at the fish smoking above her fire.

He had black hair, and dark eyes. He was wearing a simple pair of pants and T-shirt and was holding a crude spear in his right hand.

His jet-black hair shook as he smiled and said, “Who are you?”

“First, you tell me who you are. And you do know that you are in my clearing, don’t you?” She replied. He may have seemed friendly, but she didn’t forget that he held a spear in his hand. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“I’m Pyro,” he said and held out his right hand to shake.

When Ember didn’t reach for it, he let it fall limply to his side. He ignored her other question. “So who are you?”

“My name is Ember.”

Pyro smiled at her when she said her name, and she smiled back. But she didn’t trust this guy with the spear. Better play nice, she thought to herself. But Pyro kept digging for information.

“How old are you? You like you’re around my age.”

Why should I tell you, is what she thought, but she said, “19… you?”

“20. I knew you looked like you were around my age.”

Ember sat on a rock and collected her fish from the stick where they had been smoking. She was just about to make her fire knife when Pyro said something.

“You want to fight?” Ember just stared, with an eyebrow raised. If he wanted to pick a fight with her, it was his funeral. He saw the expression on her face, and added quickly, “I mean like a friendly fight. Not to kill each other, that’s stupid. And you can choose how you want to do it.”

The words “friendly fight” brought some feelings to Ember. One of them was a feeling of familiarity. The other was a feeling of sadness, like she had felt in the meadow the first day. And it also made her realize that she was fairly apt in martial arts. She didn’t know how, but she knew it.

“Sure, why not,” she said smiling. Something about this man seemed to nag at her senses. “And I choose the martial arts style.”

He smiled at her again. “That’s just what I was hoping you would pick,” and he jumped at Ember, ready to kick.

Instincts told Ember to jump out of the way. She landed nimbly a few feet from Pyro and swung her foot out in a large ark. It tripped him, and he fell on his back.

“Round one goes to me,” she said cheerfully, holding him down with her foot and marveling at her own skill.

Pyro seemed to be enjoying this. “Best two out of three, then?” He asked as he was allowed up to his feet.

“Sounds good to me,” she replied, beginning to enjoy this friendly rivalry herself.

“You make the first move,” Pyro encouraged her.

She lifted her leg in a fierce kick, but he held out his arm and blocked it, grabbing her lower leg and flipping her onto her back.

“Round two goes to me, it seems.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll get you next time.”
A frustration welled inside of her, and she struggled to control it. Obviously, she was very competitive. “Go ahead, you first.”

He ran to a tree, using it to propel himself upwards, in Ember’s direction. She dodged him, but he came right back with a kick ready. She did what a voice in her head told her to do.

She jumped onto her hands. Without knowing how, she was soaring into the air, with her hands pointing down, her feet up and her eyes shut. When she opened them, she was twenty feet in the air, with fire surrounding her.

She was so startled at this that her concentration was broken and the flames disappeared just as they had the first time she had found out about her strange power. The last thing she saw before she passed out, as she tumbled down, was the horrified look on Pyro’s face as he ran to catch her.


She came to a few seconds after Pyro caught her, but didn’t dare open her eyes.

She was in his arms, and her heart was beating so fast that she thought it might never slow down. She could feel that his was too, but it was probably mostly from the friendly fight.

Because Ember was still in shock and because she knew she was not on solid ground, she clung tight around Pyro’s neck. She hid her face in his chest so that she would not see the ground and to keep from falling again. She thought she was going to die when she fell, but Pyro had caught her and she felt she owed her life to him.

“Hey, it’s ok. I’ve got you. You’re safe now.” He said in a soothing voice after a few minutes.

Ember’s heart had slowed down a bit and she realized that she was clinging to him. She coughed and said, “Um, you can put me down now.” She thought she might have sounded a bit sharp, and didn’t know why.

Pyro put her down in her sleeping pit and sat down on the other side of the fire pit from her. He started to scrape some rocks together to make a fire and Ember didn’t feel like telling him she could do it in milliseconds. She felt that he knew this too, but didn’t want to trouble her with it.

He heated the four fish Ember had smoked and cooked a rabbit he had trapped in the woods. He split them so that they each had two fish and half a rabbit. But Ember noticed that the rabbit was undercooked and put it back on the fire, to the confusion of Pyro. He obviously knew nothing about cooking. And she realized then that she did.

They ate in silence, and when they had finished, Ember gathered her courage to speak and, swallowing her pride, said, “Thank you for saving me…” She wasn’t shy, but she was embarrassed for loosing her wits in mid air.

“It was nothing,” said Pyro. He paused and then said, “Can’t let a new friend down. Got to be there when they fall,” he smiled. “Literally.”

“I don’t know what happened. It felt so familiar. Like I had done it before. But when I saw how high I was in the air, I just lost concentration for a second. Then, when I tried to regain it, I was falling so I went into shock I guess.”
She was confused.

“By the way, what was that back there?” He asked.

“I don’t even know myself.”

He thought for a moment and spoke again. “You said you knew somehow that you had done that before; without falling, I mean, right? There are some things that seem familiar to me too, but I don’t know how, especially since nothing is familiar to me at the moment. Not until I see it first.”

“You too? You don’t know who you are, or where you are, or where you came from? You don’t know you can do things until you need to?”


So Ember told him the story of how she woke up on the beach and didn’t know a single thing except that her name was Ember and that she was 19 years old.

Pyro had the same sort of story to tell. He had woken up on the beach, a few miles south of her, at roughly the same time. He found that he knew how to trap things and make a spear. He had wondered the exact same things as she had before going to bed the night before.

Ember told him everything, except the part about her bathing in the pool and her dream. She didn’t think that he needed to know about those.

By some unspoken agreement, Pyro stayed in the clearing, and by the time they were tired, Pyro had made himself a sleeping area on the other side of the clearing, to give Ember some privacy.

It seemed to them that they were the only people in the area, and had both decided to stick together to benefit each other. Pyro seemed to know more about getting food, and Ember knew how to make it more edible. And they both enjoyed the company that the other offered; something that could prove to be very rare indeed.

They both fell asleep thinking of the incident of that afternoon.

Chapter Four

Ember sat up slowly as she woke. She saw the sleeping Pyro and at first was afraid, wondering who this man was, but then she remembered what had happened last night. She immediately calmed down, the memory of him saving her making her happy to have him around.

Yesterday had seemed like a dream when she first opened her eyes, but now it seemed too real.

She decided to go to her pool and get a drink. She also wanted to bathe, and while he was asleep was a perfect time to do that. She walked slowly to the clearing with her pool, and silently slipped off her clothes.

She swam in the pool, cleaning off all the worry that had clung to her since last night. As she swam, she remembered an old song she knew from somewhere. It was about a dragon that fell in love with a beautiful woman, who loved him back. They lived a happy life together, but when the woman grew old and died, and the dragon lived on, he was so unhappy that he lay down on a rock and after 20 days and nights, he fell asleep and never woke up. The woman’s body became the first tree, slender and beautiful, with leaves like her long hair blowing in the wind. The dragon’s body became the first mountain, strong and majestic, and his soul joined hers in the afterlife.

She sang for a while, for the song was long.

When the song was finished, Ember was almost a prune, so she stepped out of the water and dried herself with her fire.

She pulled on her shirt and just as she had pulled up her Capri’s, Pyro stepped out from behind a tree. He was looking the other way.

Ember stared at him, her cheeks red with anger. She didn’t know why she should feel so offended, but she did. Then she realized that he’d been incredibly rude. Has he been watching me the whole time? She thought. He’s just a no good peeper!

Pyro looked over and saw her face and backed up, holding his hands out and saying, “Hey, I didn’t see anything! I woke up and when I saw that you were gone, I decided to take a walk. I found my way here, but herd you splashing so I turned my back before I could see anything and waited my turn.” He drank from the pool. “I don’t know much about myself, but I do know that I have an underlying sense of decency. I have dignity and respect for other living things. I would only kill an animal if I’m in danger or nearly starving and I would never," he paused to build suspense, "ever watch someone without their knowing.” He paused again and said, “but listening is another matter. You were making a lot of noise, you know. I heard you singing too. Where did you learn that song?”

Ember blushed. She somehow trusted that Pyro was telling the truth and was ashamed for jumping to conclusions. But she never would have sung if she had known anyone was listening. “Oh, it’s just an old song-legend I remembered just now. But I don’t know where I learned it… I bet you had to plug your ears…”

“No, I really liked it.” He said, with a surprised look on his face. “You have a beautiful voice you know.” He smiled and winked, “maybe I should sneak up on you more often, just to hear you sing again.”

He took off his shirt and Ember knew it was her turn to turn around and not look. She stood behind a tree for a minute or two, thinking of what she should do next. For some reason, her mind was racing and her cheeks were still red, even though she was not mad. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her head. She remembered where she had found the berries the day she woke up and went to get some more, hearing and feeling her own stomach rumble.

When she got back to her clearing, Pyro was trying to make a fire. His hair was wet and hung low over his face.

“Let me take care of that,” she said and made a fire in the pit in less than a second.

“Uh, thanks…” said Pyro, a little confused. He still didn’t get how she could control fire like that. It was as if she was the fire sometimes.

Ember handed him half the berries she held and they ate their small breakfast. Now, if only I had some flour and sugar. And some cinnamon and eggs and butter, I could make some berry sco-. She didn’t know why the thought had popped into her mind, but it had.

“I’m going to the beach to practice my martial arts and controlling my powers,” She said when she had finished.

“Can I come and watch?”

Ember blushed again for the second time today. “Uh, sure, if you want to.”

So they walked through the woods to the meadow, and then on to the beach. On her way down the dunes, Ember slipped, but Pyro caught her before she hit the ground. She thanked him kindly but a bit stiffly and continued. At the touch of his skin, she had felt a slight jolt of something. She did not know what it was, but it wasn’t bad, she was sure of it.

They stood for a while at the beach and watched wave upon wave crash in the still rising sun. The wind blew at Ember’s hair as it always seemed to do. Forgetting that Pyro was there, she made a small flame in her palm. She spread it so that she was completely surrounded in a ball of spinning flames, like the move she tried last night. She stayed like that, not rising yet, but letting the flames consume her. All of her fears went away and she slowly began to rise. I can do it this time!

She rose and rose higher, reaching over 100 feet in little time at all. From this high up, she could see past the meadow and to the forest beyond it.

She looked down at Pyro, who stood beneath her the whole time just in case.

She made the fire and herself go down, back to where Pyro stood. He looked relieved that Ember had not fallen.

"Awesome!" Said Pyro when she landed. He was smiling. "Do it again."

"I was planning on it."

Ember stood for a minute, thinking about a new way to do it. This time, she made a flame disk. She made it hover, go sideways, up and down. She fiddled with it until she was satisfied.

When she was satisfied, she stepped onto the disk of fire- for it was oddly solid- and commanded it to rise, taking her with it. When she got to about 100 feet again, she moved in every direction, somewhat hesitantly, for she was not sure how it would work out. When she was convinced that it would work fine, she took off at a great speed.

She soared over the meadow, the forest, all in less than 5 seconds. She had to kneel to make sure she wouldn't loose her balance and fall. She kept going, wanting to get an aerial view of the surroundings. She went over the forest, which continued for miles and miles and soon was past it, in another meadow.

Ember remembered Pyro and did a loop in the air to turn around. The fire was flowing through her and she couldn’t stop herself.

She soared back over the forest and meadow, and was soon back on the beach, next to an awe-struck Pyro.

She had become a master at fire flying after one flight. It all seemed familiar to her now. I must have enjoyed doing this before…

"Wow," was all Pyro could say.

"I know! I could see for miles! I saw our clearing and found out that the forest continues for miles, and opens into another meadow on the other side!"

They were both amazed.

"I want to do that again. And this time, you are coming with me! You have to see it Pyro! It's amazing!"

"What?! Me?! No, I can't!"
He spluttered.

"Sure you can!"

Without waiting for Pyro’s reply, Ember made the flame disk appear next to them. She jumped on, unable to contain her excitement. She told Pyro to sit.

“It won’t hurt you unless I want it to.” She assured him.

He sat, wondering if he was doing something sane. Ember commanded the fire to slowly rise, and when she was ten feet of the ground, she said, “Stand up, Pyro.” She took his hands and pulled him up. “You might want to hold on, you might fall.”

He awkwardly wrapped his arms around her waist, looking wide-eyed to the ground ten feet below.

Ember slowly started to move, to get Pyro used to it a bit. She gradually gained speed, and soon she was zooming a lot slower than she was before but still very fast. Pyro held on tight, and didn’t let go.

Ember made the flames twist and turn and started to do a flip. But she remembered that Pyro was still there and stopped, not wanting him to fall.

“Go ahead. I’ll just hold on extra tight,” he said from behind her.

She smiled and did the flip, and Pyro laughed. He was having such a great time, looking down at the land below him, that he forgot to be afraid of how high he was. He trusted Ember completely and was even a bit used to it by now.

But he still held on to Ember’s waist. She would have thought that he would be able to do it without holding on now. She blushed a bit, but the fire flowing through her soon made her forget it.

She made her way back to the beach and they tumbled off, onto the warm sand. It felt good soaring through the sky, but they welcomed the land warmly.

And they were both very hungry, for the sun was now past it’s highest point and slowly sinking to the horizon.

They caught some fish; Ember with a newly woven net and Pyro with his spear. Ember cooked the fish with a fire knife and they ate by a small fire and the ocean. In the water, the reflection of the flames danced around, making it look like the water and fire were dancing together. They seemed like old friends finally reunited again.

They sat and talked some more, and didn’t notice the little dot high in the sky, flying over them.

The sun was sinking, but the light was still good. Pyro decided to go swimming. In all of his clothes. He waded in until he was knee deep or so, and did a shallow dive into the cool water. Ember thought this was too fun to resist so she waded in after him. She dove, the same way he had, her arms stretched before her and her back slightly arched.

When she resurfaced, she saw Pyro floating on his back a little way off. Realizing that she’d been staring, she hastily turned away and dove again, swimming around.

When they got out, their cloths clung to them and dripped onto the sand.

They decided to take the fast way home, drying their clothes in the wind as they sped toward the clearing in the woods. They were both completely dry and exhausted when they landed, and the sun was almost ready to set.

Chapter Five

Ember and Pyro sat, talking about the things they remembered from their past. Ember told him about the long walks she took in the forest by her house. Pyro told Ember of the time he had spent training alone. Neither of them could remember much more than that. Ember could not remember what she did in the time between when she was in the forest and when she was at the beach. Things just jumped. It was the same case with Pyro.

After they had talked a bit, Pyro suddenly asked, “can I buy you a drink?” Ember looked at him, puzzled. She did not know what he meant by “buy” a drink. Pyro didn’t either. He had just remembered that it’s something you can say. He seemed a bit embarrassed.

“Let me rephrase that. Let’s go get a drink from the pool. I’m thirsty.” He said, smiling. He stood up and pulled Ember up with him. She would have fallen all the way forward, for he had pulled a bit too hard, but he was blocking the way. Instead, she fell into him, and he fell backwards. They laughed, and Ember felt awkward. She got up and dusted herself, and Pyro did the same. Just then, she had felt something that was completely unfamiliar to her. Pyro had felt it too, and he wasn’t sure what it was either. For fear of sounding foolish, neither mentioned it.

They walked silently through the woods, enjoying the sounds of birds, and the animals around them. In the distance, they heard a wolf howl to the sun, just about to set, and they heard more wolves, even further off, howl in reply. They said nothing for most of the time, until Ember broke the silence.

“You seem so familiar to me now. Like somehow, we’ve known each other for ages. Everything you do brings bits of familiar thoughts to me. But I’m not sure how that’s possible, seeing as all I can remember is me. I think I knew someone like you before.”

Ember looked into his dark eyes and saw compassion and caring and truth in them. That would explain why he caught me before, I just reminded him of someone he’d known, she joked with herself.

They both felt that same strange feeling from earlier again. But now it seemed almost familiar. Like they had in fact felt it before but could not remember before. It was like the way you feel when all the good things in life are yours and you could not possibly ask for anything else.

Both of them feeling this, they walked slowly and silently to the pool, both trying to figure out what it was and both too worried the other would think they were weird to mention it.

When they reached the pool, Pyro made Ember sit on a big rock at the edge of the water. He got a large leaf and folded it into a cup shape. Then, slowly and somewhat ceremoniously he dipped it into the cool water. When he lifted it, water dripped from his hand and splashed back into the pool, creating dozens of ripples. He held the leaf carefully, filled with crystal clear water, and held it out to Ember.

"Here is the drink I said I would get you,” he said and handed it to her.

When she took hold of it, half the water splashed out due to the fumbling with the leaf.

She laughed and sipped the water, suddenly becoming self-conscious. When she had finished, she dipped the leaf into the water and held it to Pyro, saying, “here! It’s your turn now.” He drank it in two big gulps.

They both laughed, not knowing why they were doing this, and drank as much as they could from the pool, ignoring the leaf cups for the rest of the time, for it was easier to do it the way they had been, bending down to the water and using their hands to bring the water to their mouth.

They sat silently for a while, just staring into the pool at the little fish, the two that had brushed by Ember’s legs the first time she was in it. They swam around each other in little patterns. One was a bright orange with red stripes on it and the other was a deep red with orange stripes on it. They stayed like that, always dancing, in that little pool.

Pyro broke the silence. He turned to Ember. He had to say something.

“You know, you have beautiful eyes. They look like the fire.” He sat, just staring into Ember’s fire eyes.

She looked into his eyes again and saw the same thing she had earlier, just intensified a thousand times.

Then what he said hit her. She had not yet seen her own eyes. She hadn’t thought to look into the water at her reflection.

She leaned over and looked into the water. Pyro was right. Her eyes were bright orange and deep red, just like the fish in the pool that was more orange than red. In fact, as she looked at the eyes in the pool, and looked at the fish, they seemed exactly the same. When her emotions were strong, weather good or bad, her eyes seemed to dance, just as a flame would. She had been put under a spell by her own eyes, watching them dance. Just as she had in her dream, watching the land from the balcony.

When she came back to her senses, Pyro was still looking at her. She turned back to him and smiled, saying, “Thanks.”

Pyro looked down and blushed, as if he were embarrassed.

The sun was setting and Ember had an idea.

She made another flame disk and jumped on.

“Hop on!” She told Pyro.

He got up off the rock where he was sitting next to Ember. He jumped on and held on to her waist. She was sure that by now he wouldn’t need to. But she shrugged it off again, and took off, toward the beach.

She stopped next to a tree and jumped off her disk onto a thick branch.

“Sit down here,” she said, patting the spot next to her. “We get a perfect view of the sunset here! And we are just in time, too!”

She looked ahead of her as Pyro sat down.

“Isn’t the view beautiful?” She asked, looking ahead of her at the setting sun. It was half concealed by the horizon by now, and it’s reflection danced in the restless water. The sky above the sun shone with a bright red, then orange, then pink, and finally a dark blue above them.

“I’ve always loved sunsets. That’s one thing I can remember,” she paused, “isn’t the view beautiful?” She said again, never taking her eyes off the sky.

“Yes, it is. Very beautiful.” Said Pyro. But he wasn’t looking ahead of him at the sunset. He was looking to his left at Ember, sitting next to him.

She looked over to smile at him and saw that he wasn’t looking at the sunset, but at her. She blushed deep red, and looked ahead again, wondering what the feeling deep in her chest was.

She leaned against him and he put his arm around her shoulder. They both felt the same feeling, yet again, and still didn’t quite know what it was. But they liked the feeling and didn’t want it to go away.

By the time it was completely dark out, Ember had fallen asleep, leaning on Pyro with his arm protectively around her.

He didn’t wake her, and stayed up until she woke to keep her safe and warm in the cool night air. He didn’t know what kind of creatures might come and get her if he fell asleep.

As she slept, Ember had another dream.

She was in the same endless hallway with nothing on the walls from her other dream.

She walked, uncertain what would happen this time. She walked for a while.

Suddenly, just as it had happened in her other dream, she was in the large bedroom. It looked exactly as it had before. The beds were in the same places, and the curtains danced wildly by the French doors.

But, looking closer, she saw that in the middle of the floor, there was something that hadn’t been there before. She walked over to it to pick it up.

It was a small red and orange notebook, with a lock on it. The book looked like a flame, not in shape, but in color.

When Ember touched it, the lock un-clicked and the book opened to the first page. The handwriting was a bit crooked and looked like a child’s. I t was a diary.

She read the first page.

Dear Diary,

Mommy says we must be very careful because of our royalty. And our gifts. She says that people might want to harm us because of them. Only the Queen, King and Heir to the throne can have our gifts though. I am that Heir. We can control fire. Only mommy, daddy and I can control these powers. My older sister was born with the second family power, the power to control lightning. Mommy, daddy and I have the powers of both fire and lightning. But Mina only has one. Mina says that if mommy, daddy and I create a shield of fire around Embria, that we will be safe if anything ever happens. I hope we will not ever have to do that, because I don’t want any of my family to be in danger. I don’t want my friends in danger either. Not any of them. Especially not Katrina and Adam. They are my best friends and if they get hurt, so will whoever hurt them. I may be young, but I am powerful already. And I will train hard so that if they need me, I can protect them. I’ll be the best there ever was at conjuring and controlling fire and lightning.

Princess Fira, age 7

Ember tried to turn the page to keep reading, but she couldn’t. Some strange force kept her from doing it. She eventually gave up and put the book back where it had been, on the floor in the middle of the room.

At the moment the book hit the ground, there was an earsplitting crack.

And Ember awoke to find herself falling, and Pyro fell with her.

She landed with a thump on the ground underneath them. Pyro was there a split second after her, and the first thing he said was, “are you ok? Any broken bones? Fractures? Cuts?” He seemed quite worried.

“I’m ok… what happened?” She replied sleepily, rubbing her eyes.

“The branch broke… ouch. Bruised my butt…”

They laughed, and just sat for a while, Ember fully waking up and Pyro letting the pain of the fall ease away.

Then Pyro got up, pulling Ember up after him.

“Let’s go back to the clearing… back home,” he said.

Ember made a flame disk again and they both jumped on. The flames flowing through her gave her just enough strength to stay awake for the trip home. They soared through the dark night sky to the clearing to sleep.

Ember landed and made the flame disk land in the fire pit, letting it settle into the fire-home. It cast a faint light all around them, and she wearily walked to her sleeping space and crawled the last foot or so. She was so tired. The day had been long and busy, and she wanted to sleep.

Pyro fell asleep quickly on his side of the clearing. But Ember could not get to sleep for some time. Even though she was so tired, her mind was restless, thinking of the two dreams she had had so far. She knew the second one meant something, even if the first one didn’t. She didn’t know what it meant, but she knew it was important.

Eventually, Ember fell into a restless sleep, still thinking the same thing she had since the first day on the beach.

Who am I?

Chapter Six

When Ember woke up, Pyro was, yet again, still asleep.

She wanted to go explore the land she was in. She wrote a note to Pyro in the dirt where she slept, so he would not miss it. It read,

Don’t worry about me. I went off to explore the land from the air. I want to see the things that surround us. I should be back before it’s dark, but if not, don’t worry about me. I have fire on my side. Plus, I’m a big girl and can take care of myself.
P.S. Don’t worry, I won’t fall. I promise!

When Ember had finished the letter, she first went to the pool to drink and bathe. She got some berries, which were now scarce because she had eaten most of them. When she had eaten the ones she picked, she was ready to go.

She made her flame disk and jumped on. She took off, leaving a just stirring awake Pyro behind in the clearing.

Ember flew over the whole forest. The other one she had seen the first time was actually part of the same one. It was one massive one. She soon found her way back to the beach, where she woke up the first day. She followed it north, toward the curved in part.

After a while, she saw huge mountains from the shore. A feeling that she had seen them somewhere flew through her, but she didn’t know where she could possibly have seen them. She passed the mountains and she saw more forest and meadow to her right, past the beach. After about three hours of flying at speeds unimaginable, Ember came to a spot that was identical to the place she woke up. She went inland and she was sure of what she had suspected the whole flight. She was on a huge continental island. She had wondered why she seemed to be taking more rights than lefts as she had followed the beach. She was now in the spot where she started.

She flew up, higher and higher. She was at the level of the clouds now, and the air was thin. She looked down, and the large island. She mentally captured the scene. She wouldn’t want to get lost.

A dare-devilish thought struck her, and she let the flames around her disperse. She turned in the air so she was diving through nothing, getting faster and faster. When she was a lot closer to the ground, she conjured flames around her again and slowly pulled up, to stand still in the air, about 100 feet up.

She decided that she would go inland, so she flew an hour down the beach, and went in. At first, all was trees. After a lot of flying, she came to a huge plain. It took her 30 minutes to fly across it, compared to the less than 5 seconds of the meadow by her clearing. And when she crossed that, she was going much slower than she was right now.

At the end of the huge plain was another forest. From where she was floating, she could see the mountains she had seen from her path along the beach. Ember flew above these mountains. She loved the look of them. They made her feel at home deep down inside her.

She dove in and out of the valleys, and criss-crossed between mountains at great speeds. Once she almost dove when she should have went up to avoid the upcoming mountain. She had just barely missed it because she was going so fast.

She slowed down a bit, so she was just going fast, and not super fast. The wind blew at her hair, the sun shone and warmed her head, and far below her, the treetops in the valley swayed gently.

She was near the edge of the mountains, and wanted to take a rest. She climbed the nearest mountain to her and landed on a jut out with trees on it. For some reason, she felt drawn to it.

She called her flame disk back into her and slowly walked through the trees. In the center there was a small clearing surrounded by bushes. On the edge of the clearing was a small pool, just like the one near her clearing. It was almost the same size and shape. The only difference was that this one had a waterfall running into it.

For some strange reason, the pool had drawn Ember to it. She didn’t know how, but she felt the pull.

She walked to the pool and dipped her finger in. She did not know how, but the water seemed familiar. She stepped in so that the water was up to her knees. It was cool to the touch, and it made her feel peaceful. Her restless mind settled. For once, she could think clearly, for there was nothing to draw her attention from things.

She looked up and saw the little dot that she had seen twice before. For some reason this did not surprise her. She had almost expected it, somewhere deep inside.

She immediately knew what she would do.

She made her flame disk and jumped on it in less than a second and was off. She flew fast, and when she was close enough to the dot to see that it was red, the dot sped up. It was toying with her. She sped up, and again got close enough to the dot to see the colors.

The dot did not speed up this time. It just flew on. She followed it and never once let her eyes off it.

The dot seemed purposeful. Like it was leading her somewhere.

After half and hour of flying fast over the mountains, chasing the red dot, it slowed down a bit.

Ember drew nearer, and she got close enough to see two things sticking out of the sides and moving up and down.

This puzzled her more. She sped up but the thing matched it, not letting her get any closer.

She saw the thing descend, into what looked like the same jut-out with the pool that she had been in before the chase.

Somehow, Ember knew that the thing was living and wanted her to follow it. So she slowly glided down to the trees.

She got closer and closer, but couldn’t see the thing until she was 20 feet off the ground, hovering above the pool, because the thing was on the edge of the tiny clearing, under a large tree.

When she could see the thing, she was amazed at its beauty.

It was a dragon.

Its scales were brilliantly red, with an orange-y tint to them. Its front legs looked large and strong, and its back legs were the same.
It sat on all fours, its long neck outstretched. Its longer tale swished this way and that.

On the dragon’s back were two beautiful red wings. Those must be the things that stuck out of the sides of the thing when I was flying, thought Ember.

She was dazzled by the dragon’s beauty.

But the things that caught her in a spell were the dragon’s eyes. They were exactly like hers, like a flame dancing in the wind.

A word popped into her head out of no-where.


She knew that Fang was the dragon’s name. She had no idea how she knew this, but she did. She knew it even though she didn’t. It was something her heart told her rather than her brain.


A strong and deep voice said these words. But not out loud. She could here them in her head.

Ember, I am Fang. I know the answers to the questions you ask. But first you have to listen to what I have to say, the voice paused, as if waiting for a reply.

“Okay,” said Ember, not knowing what else to say.

You need not say it out loud. Just think it and I will hear it, the voice said.

She thought it. Okay.

Good. I assume that you know what I am. I am a dragon, and am of noble blood. I rule the dragons. We have a safe haven in this land called Flaria.

What are you talking about?

I know you will not understand it for a while, but you will when you need to. I understand that you have only a portion of your memories?

Yes… how did you know that? Who are you?

I have told you who I am. I am Fang, ruler of the dragons. But I am also your friend, and have been for many years. Since you were just a hatchling. I may seem older and wiser than you now, but we are actually the same age. I was hatched the day after you were born. As we grew up, you and I were inseparable friends. Dragons grow faster than humans, and I was a full sized male by the time you were starting school. I remember the times I would just sit with you when you were still a baby, and you would think words, trying to make the sounds too. In my head I heard speech, but in my ears I heard gurgles and babble. I was quite young then too.

Is that why I knew your name already? Somehow I knew that your name was Fang. Before you told me.
She sat on a rock and dipped her feet in the water, already feeling more at ease with the dragon.

It must be. We share a bond that none have before. You are the only human ever to be able to speak through the mind. Dragons are capable of out-loud speech, but we prefer this way. When we found out about your ability unique among your kind, we were puzzled. Then an elder in the Valley told us of a prophecy, about a human who could speak dragon, born around the same time as one of their own.

I think there is something else strange about me. I have the ability to control fire. I don’t know how. I met someone on the island… err… Flaria… but he can’t do that.

You have met another human?
Fang sounded surprised. Who?

His name is Pyro.

Fang’s eyes widened, but only for a split second. Ember didn’t notice.

When did you meet him?

Well, I met him on my second day here.

Fang was deep in thought for a while.

Take me to him.

Ember was lost in her thoughts once again.

She wondered how this dragon knew these things and why she didn’t. She wanted to remember so badly. But no matter how hard she tried to remember, she couldn’t.

Ember made a flame disk and jumped on. She led Fang around Flaria to the clearing she and Pyro shared. On the way, they talked a lot. Ember learned that there was a whole colony of dragons deep inside the mountains. Fang said he would take her to see them later. The weird thing was, as Fang said things, the memories of those times came back as well. She now remembered many of her times with Fang, and a bit of the other dragons too.

When they reached the clearing, Pyro was not to be found.

He’s probably at the pool a bit further off. Either there or at the beach.

Ember led Fang to the small pool but Pyro was not there either. Ember could tell that he had been though, and not too long ago, because the ground by the pool was wet. He had been there earlier.

Ember now led Fang above the forest to the meadow. She searched for Pyro, maybe on his way to the beach.

When Ember approached the edge of the dunes where the tree line was, she saw Pyro, sitting on the beach and staring into the horizon.

She somehow felt that Pyro would not take well to Fang if she did not tell him before hand that he was a friend. He seemed like the kind of person who would assume she was in danger, and probably foolishly come to her rescue; even if she didn’t need or want to be rescued.

You stay here a bit and I’ll tell him who you are. I’ll give you a signal when it’s safe for you to come over.

Ember flew over to Pyro. She hovered a bit behind him, then put her hand on his shoulder. He jumped, looking behind him. But when he saw Ember he immediately relaxed.

“Geeze, Ember, I’ve been worried sick about you! You should have woken me up! Then we could have gone to explore the land together,” he sounded so relieved to see her.

“It’s ok, Pyro. I’m fine! And I’m sorry I worried you…” Even though you didn’t have to. I am perfectly fine on my own. She couldn’t help thinking this, with an edge to her mind. She sat down next to him, and looked into his eyes, wondering how to break it to him.

“I have someone for you to meet, Pyro. He is a friend, and I met him when I flew over the mountains,” he looked a bit disappointed and really puzzled. “We’ll explain it later,” and with that, she waved Fang over.

Pyro watched the huge dragon with a feeling of relief. He had thought she was talking about another man, and that had worried him for some reason unknown to him. But then, as he realized that this dragon was huge, he panicked.

He turned pale, stared at Fang, then looked at Ember.

“This is Fang, Pyro.”

“Um… nice to meet you?”
He said shakily.

“Ember has told me that she met you on her second day on the continent,” said Fang, using his human-audible voice. It sounded the same as his inner voice, just much stronger and deeper.

“Yeah, this place is actually a huge continent, Pyro! And it’s called Flaria.” The excitement in Ember's voice lit up her eyes.

Pyro just looked at both of them in confusion.

“So, what is your story, Pyro?” Asked Fang.

Find Part 2 Here
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