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Sora Tornoment & How We Know Our Ultimate Power (UP)

Friday 26/12/2008

(They were walking)
Ren - so you’re telling me you don't remember your past?
Ironoside - yes
Ren - what are you going to do now?
Ironoside – I don't know
Ren - hey I have an idea
Ironoside - What?
Ren – you look strong, why don't you take part in the Sora Tournament?
Ironoside - Sora tournament?
Ren - yes you and me… there if we succeeded maybe we will find someone that know you
Ironoside - how?
Ren - this tournament is very important for the people in Sora country, maybe one of your family’s members will be there too
Ironoside - oh I think it’s a good idea so where is this tournament?
Ren - hey I don't think it’s that easy we have some problems
Ironoside - what is the problem, are you telling me you don't know where the Sora tournament is.
Ren - No the problem is some people in Sora tournament there will be so many Ultimate Power User with different Level
Ironoside – Different Level?
Ren - well we have three Ultimate Power User, Lv1 Lv2 Lv3.
Ironoside – …
Ren – my Level is 1, I don’t think me and you can even win one battle in tournament
Ironoside - hey wait...that's right I don't know anything about my past but I don't think I am a weak, and for finding my past I will do anything
Ren - ok let's see what you have ….
Ironoside - you want to fight?
Ren - no idiot.
(She will go and sit on a rock)
Ren - come on sit here
(He will sit in front of her)
Ironoside – so… what now.
Ren - watch my finger
Ironoside - ok.
(On her finger she is creating a wood)
Ren - so what is on my finger now
Ironoside - it’s a wood
Ren - that's right, now it’s your turn. Take a deep breath and then concentrate all your power that you have in one finger
Ironoside - what do you mean?
Ren - I mean send all of your energy into one of your hand’s finger. If any buddy can use Ultimate Power at less for the beginning they can show their power in one finger
Ironoside - ok
(Now he is trying to move all of his power in one finger)
Ren - try harder
Ironoside - haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he he he ... I can’t
Ren - then you aren't Ultimate Power User
Ironoside - isn't there another way to find out?
Ren - I don't think so, but this means you and your parent's are from an ordinary Family.
Ironoside - what this has to do with my family.
Ren - to be a Ultimate Power User one of your parents must be Ultimate Power User too, and if you can't use ultimate power then you parent's can't use too
Ironoside - so what we must do now?
Ren - I don't know
Ironoside - but I know we will enter Sora tournament of course and no matter what I will win.
Ren - as long we have a hope it's going to be ok but for now let’s continue our way
(On other side of forest a girl and a boy are running)
Toria Otara (girl) - let's stop I want to know where is she now.
Saiku Kora (boy) - ok
(Otara went in front of a tree and did the same as Ren did [Otara has the same Ultimate Power as Ren])
Otara - there she is, but there is another boy with her.
Kora - what Shino-sama is doing with another boy?
Otara - I don't know but we must hurry before they leave the forest, you know I can't use my power out of forest
Kora - ok
(In big and dark castle in other side of earth)
Kagomi (girl) - we have a big problem
Ironohide (boy)- what is it?
Kagomi - Ironoside is with a girl
Ironohide - I know
Kagomi - do you know who is she?
Ironohide - it’s never mind.
Kagomi - but this one has special name
Ironohide - and what is problem with her name?
Kagomi - her real name is Toria Shino
Ironohide - what? Shino???....

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter02

Writer : Ironoside

Editor : jiraiya101
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haha ok *waitting* ! =P
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good story
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great.. waiting for the chapiter 3
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
i finshed ... next
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/11/09
good story line
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/2/09
*lough loud* man my speed in reading this chapter was wo0ow soper fast ahhah ....and yes man ur chapter was pretty good ...let me jump 4 the 3rd one now ............wait i forget one thing.".ironoside" U did a good jop
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wow thats gooooood
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whoo! keep it up!
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goood hard
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