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What do u think of rido ?
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24 / F / Park City! Well,...
Posted 12/25/08 , edited 12/26/08

sakurazaki-san wrote:

The inner circle of the purest pureblood kurans : Kaname, Yuuki, Juuri, Haruka, Rido..
The outer circle consist of those impure : Shiki..

Shiki is one of the impure decendents of the kurans.. Thus he is not purebloood.
To be one, he has to have parents that are both pureblood. His father (rido) was one but his mother was only a noble.

The resemblence that you see is uncanny. He resembles his father and kaname as he is part of the kuran family.
Shiki is related to Kaname sorta like his uncle's (rido) son.. That's why he is always loyal to kaname, listening and agreeing to everything he says.

If im not wrong, rido married shiki's mother to create a vessel (shiki), to use incase anything happens to his real body. So basically, shiki was used as a tool all his life. It breaks my heart.

Hope this helps people..^^

Oh that's so sad... I <3 Shiki!
I hate Rido! There is honestly not one thing I like about him.
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21 / F / Cross Academy (PS...
Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/27/09
I never noticed him *o* (jkjkjk he's a meany >.>)
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25 / F / Aichi, Japan
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
he's just alone... and Jelous in his two siblings!
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21 / F / Earth
Posted 4/18/09 , edited 4/18/09

Rei_Asuka wrote:

LOL... i kinda found him attractive when he was in Shiki's body....
cuz... i love Shiki :P

i totally agree with you :))
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/21/09
Rido, i think he was a homosexual hahahaha
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Posted 4/1/10 , edited 4/2/10
Even though he was one of the "villians" I didnt pay too much attention to him...kinda strange, lol. I only thought about him after reading fanfictions. well anyway, my first impression was: the evil uncle tats just there.
Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/2/10
i don't care
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Posted 7/4/10 , edited 7/5/10
Rido Kuran??!! He's cool~~~ I like him~~ >w< Rido Kuran is the best male in Vampire Knight~~
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