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Still no name.

I hate Kai!! Does he think just telling me that I will feel better?!? *furious* That jerk!! I’m already going to that stupid school.. ugh!~

[Monday morning, at school]

Anaka:*walks into classroom**sees Kai sitting at her tabel*Shit. –walks to him- What do you want?

Kai: I want you to listen to me.

Anaka: …. No *looks away*

Kai: PLEASE! *grabs her hands*

Anaka: *pulls her hand away* Just leave me alone! -looks down-*tears fall down*

Whole class: *looking at them*

SSK: *walks into classroom*

Sakura: I wonder why Anaka wasn’t at her house when we went to pick her up.

Kayumi: *sees Anaka* Anaka whats wrong? -*hugs her-

Anaka: *hugs back**sobs*I… hate…Ka-... Why…. Me…
Kayumi: *looks at kai* I think you should leave –pissed-

Kai: *stands up with a sad face* I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to….. –walks out with his head

Whole class: *completely quiet**looking at them*


Kayumi: what happened? *still hugging Anaka*

Anaka: I can’t say….. I’m sorry…

Kayumi: …. *sighs*… It’s ok.

Satskia: Maybe you should go home.

Sakura: Yeah.. *looks worried*

Kayumi: I’ll take you to the nurse. Come on.

Anaka: Ok…


Anaka: *sits on bed looking down* ….

Kayumi: *talks to nurse* She had a problem with her boyfriend and I don’t think she can take any lessons today.

Nurse: *sighs* A broken heart. How I wish there was a medicine for that. Well don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her. You better get to class now.

Kayumi: Yes. Thank you. *walks out*

Nurse: *sits next to Anaka* You want to talk about it? It might help.

Anaka: *stares at floor* I-… I can’t… I’ll be fine. Don’t worry…

Nurse: you want something to drink?

Anaka: No, thank you.

Nurse: Ok.

Anaka: *lays down and falls asleep*

[a while later… (?)]

Anaka: *hears a faint voice*… hmm…???

Satskia: Anaka wake up!

Anaka: What time is it?

Sakura: Schools over.

Anaka: *jump up* What?!!

Satskia: Yeah. The nurse said you fell asleep and u didn’t wake up afterwards.

Anaka: Oh yeah ^^;; . I couldn’t fall asleep last night.


[(lame ending =.=’’’’’)]

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ahhh finally, so anaka's starting to like kai huh
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