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21 / F /
Posted 1/12/09
hey! i'm mars2cool teehee! but people call me Miyu-chi or Miyu-chan and stuff...
i'm really strange and random... i like to procrastinate^^ (go procrastinators) and do other stuff... i'm really
thin... even though i eat
A LOT! lolz! i luv making aviis and i'm just a beginner in photoshop right now...
i used to use gimp.............. LOLZ! gimp is awesome...btw...! lolz yupyup! and believe it or not... i go to the
fourth best middle school in california... even though i'm a procrastinator...!!! lolz sorry that was random!

I TOLD U![/red]... but anyways... i luv kawaii anime girl pictures..... so if u have some... PLZ PLZ PLZ... PM ME! ... BTW IF YOU ARE READING THIS... BUDDY MEH!!!!!
Posted 1/16/09
hi hi hi Gene here^^.....I'm tangerine25's back up acc. you can simply call me gene or G25 (some people call me that in real life) but people here in CR often call me shi-chan^^ ......I'm a very silent person in real life which is quite the opposite of me here.I like editing but editing don't like me (that's y my GFX are lame)
Posted 1/18/09
Moshi Moshi
I just joined
My name is Kim
Anyone can call me Kim/kim-chan or bunny-chan, and u can make up ur own name 4 me, it doesn't matter
I really wanna learn how to make aviis, banners, icons, and graphic designing
My b-day is nov. 14 and I really want to make friends
Bye Bye!!!!
Posted 1/19/09
Hellos. You can call me Neya and I am Korean. I really like Jpop and Kpop but mostly Jpop(especially NEWS). Well im not too social in real life except with my friends, but i talk more on the computer lol. Ummm. . .I like drawing manga and want to be a mangaka someday and work in Japan or Korea in the manga/manhwa industry. Some of my favorite animes/manga are: Death Note, InuYasha, Soul Eater, Eyeshield 21, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, One Piece, Nabari no Ou, Bamboo Blade, and Pig Bride. I like Harry Potter, Cirque du Freak, Twilight, and Eragon. I also like Asian horror movies
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40 / Weird World
Posted 1/23/09
I'm an ordinary person ... 14 years old now, I think.
I have this hobby of editing this year...(or maybe Dec. Last year), and I'm not too good with it.
I like ... anime manga game.
Posted 1/24/09
Hi pplz! My name is Aini and you can call me Nii-chan. I'm half Indonesian and half Malay and a bit Japanese..
I'm from Malaysia.
My current obsesion is Korean culture, DBSK, Super Junior, Shugo Chara and photoshop!
My birthday is on 9th December. That means I'll turns 13 this December 2009...
My hobby is swimming, reading, writing fanfics, editing my profile, busy doing stupid things and do whatever I wants
:w00t: this group is really kirei nee..
Oh back to my story, my BFF in CR is sue107 and mrs_jaejoong96.
They are my former classmates. Sue moved to Johore while mrs_jaejoong or Azleen is still with me! But she's not my classmate, I'm in the "A" class while she's in the "D" class..
Cotto, I don't have any photoshop proggrame. So where can I get it? Srry..
Well I must go now, for my tutorial!
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21 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
Hi!! my name is yolotokoloko.. you can call me Jiku-chan... I'm Filipino.I love to edit pictures. and I love JAPAN! I love anime. And i suck on drawing... I think i'm smart!! And i don't like homeworks.

Nice to meet you all!
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26 / M / In your bedroom :O
Posted 1/28/09
Sup everyone, I'm Angelo. I started photoshopping not to long ago so I'm not very good at it but w/e, im learning. My computer had recently crashed along with photoshop and the stuff on it, so i no longer have it...but im going to get it again soon, for now i just have fireworks (bleh...), anyways so yeah...hi
Posted 1/30/09
Hi i;m pokefanatic1234, they call me ninja in real life (i won't tell you why) i will turn 14 this may 5. I don't want to grow up..... i like twilight. I'm in breaking dawn chapter 28 - 29-ish? i love doing comp. but we get scolded for doing it all the time... hehehe..... i joined this group cuz' i'm a newbie in photoshop! i like bleach, Shugo chara, Skip beat, and many more. I enjoy reading. A LOT! and that's it......
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21 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/30/09
[hiyaaa. crazy_gal here. aliyah in real life. i am 13 years old. i actually just turned 13th last dec. 25. so yea. :DD
i am totally obsessed with a lot of things. haha. so if i explained what my obsessions are. i would probably need a whole notebook. :]]
anywayss, i'm kinda Like intermediate with photo editing. not great but not clueless either. :)

so ya, that's moi. c:
Posted 2/1/09
hiya ^o^ meow
i'm new here. my name is uriko. i love anime obviously and reading alot. i write stories and playing video games. i got a thing for vampires and cats hahaha XD
i love making new friends and getting know them
kinda a weird, simple girl who wants a peaceful, yet active life meow
meow ^0^
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29 / F / The Net...
Posted 2/4/09
Hi I'm Yoko_Litner...
I'm new. I Love anime, video games, reading, drawing, learning new things to use in photoshop.
I love having fun, finding new things to do, meeting new people.... Basically If it's not fun I try not to do it.

Nice to meet everybody....(n_n)/ 8)E (~_~) (^3^)
Posted 2/6/09
heya peopl im rock1994 but my real name is malina if you want you can call me millie-chan ^^ i live in london and recently its been snowing it looks soo gorgeous. i watch shugo chara that is a cool anime. i like drawing manga and recently i drew this pic of Ran, Miki and Suu from Shugo Chara and it looked pretty good actually lool im always watching tv lol ummm........not sure wat else to say lool, im turning 15 in june and im a twilight fan! the book is soo awesome >.< if you havent read it you so should! i joined photoshop secrets cause i wanna get better at photoshop
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22 / F / Pennsylvania !
Posted 2/6/09
HI HI!!!!!!!!!!! my name is meh lala...i joined this club because it looked fun..and since im a fun person...dont you think fun and fun should go together!!!???? i doz!!!!! anyway..whats i like about this grouop is how you use candy for your bannersZ!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!
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22 / F / In front of your...
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/8/09
My naMe is Claudia!! Nice to meet you!!
I'm 14 years old.. I love to watch anime, listening music, drawing, but i'm not too good!! xD
Well, i joined caz i find it interesting & funny, and caz i want to learn more about ...
Well, I hope i can be your tomodachi!! (:

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