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23 / F / ♡ Siingapore♡ ✖
Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
hello...just a member here...
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25 / F / Poland
Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/14/09
hello, I'm Tsukine, how do you do? ^^
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24 / F / ♡ ~ jUsT rIghT...
Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/15/09
hello everyone !!!

i'm just new here

my name is hannah kim lee

i'm 14 yrs. old ....

i'm a childish crazy person haahahahah

i'm also a shy person ^_^ heheheheheheh

yoursku ne ^_^

hope to be friends with everyone
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
Hey there ^^ Well, my name is Jenna but people usually call me Aspyre. I'm 15-year old tomboy girl who likes extreme sports, candy's, music, learning new languages, writing, reading & drawing. I joined this group because I have a few groups and they need avi's and banners and stuff....besides, it's good to know how to work in photoshop ^^ I enjoy watching anime & reading manga such as Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, Lamune, Tales of Phantasia and more. I used to play Shin Megami Tensei Imagine but i got very i deleted it from pc, yea. If anyone wants to chat, I'll gladly accept ^^
Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
hi there ^^
my real name is Jasmine
my nickname is Jyasumin-Chan
i'm 11 years old
i'm a shy girl and a tomboygirl ...
douzo yoroshiku nee..
hope we can be good friends minna ^^
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24 / F / ✖Right Behind Yuu✖
Posted 3/24/09 , edited 3/24/09
hi hi people, im Dino-Rawr but you can call me kana-chan ^^
im 15 years old and im new to crunchyroll
im pretty crazy and do really random things o.O but ive been told im a nice perosn =)
ive used photoshop a bit but im not v. good so i hope i can learn some things
anyhoo i hope i can make some good friends ^^
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22 / F / Asia
Posted 4/4/09 , edited 4/4/09
heiiya! im tricia 13 from philippines
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F / find me on earth....
Posted 4/16/09 , edited 4/16/09
me is micka~san 11 years old me is shy also me luvs readin^~^ oh yh i also luv sports^~^
Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/17/09

i'm shira or u can call me iya!

nice to meet ya.

i dun really know want to say anymore.

but may y'all hav a happy life.

smile always.


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23 / F
Posted 4/28/09 , edited 4/29/09
watashi wa raii-chan desuu..^^
ahhha..LOLs..well i'm a gurl-->[99.8%]ahhaa..LOLs..
14 years of weird nd random..=))
i like vampires too..[nd my friend is tellinh me dat ima half vampire nd half shiniigamii]ne..weird..
i lavv to laugh all d time..wuahaha..
nd i lavv PS but i suck at it..dats why i joined this group..cuz i know i would learn hirr..
hhaa..nd last but not the least..
Posted 5/3/09 , edited 5/4/09
hi~ im happyangel06 but im known as happy. ilike candy and electronics. ireally dont like talking about myself that much so thats that
Posted 5/3/09 , edited 5/4/09
I mean im happy_chii sry i forgot because i use happyangel06 more then happy_chii i just got momentarlly confused sry im bad at spelling
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23 / F / seigakuu
Posted 5/6/09 , edited 5/6/09
hiii~minna-san,i'm yuki desu~:3
i'm 14 years old now~:3
I love to watch anime,listen song and play game~:3
finally~hope we can b friend~b'cause i like to b'come any1 friend~:3
Bye-bye~have a nice day desu~:3
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Posted 5/7/09 , edited 5/7/09
Hello..everyone. As always, I'm new here. I live somewhere in Asia.
I love reading novels, manga and watching anime.
I just recently having interest in Photoshop. Now, almost everyday I'll do something in photoshop.
This group really help me with so many things..
Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/8/09
Alooo~ My name is Mayuri!^^ I'm an A.A.A~~~( Anime fan, Artist, Author) I like talking to my friends and meeting new ones(and doodling in my scrap book finding a nice story to go with the characters I've created..~~~) In the internet I'm really peppy and active but in RL I'm pretty Laid-back and quiet~~~ But I'm not to timid to meet new acquaintances~~

I like nature, the wide shady trees, flowers of each unique color that emit eminent pleasurable scents, and probable everything that Mother nature provided us~

Buddy me if you want and I'll grant the request~~~~~~~~~~~~
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