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Posted 12/24/08


~~~Next Morning @ Gui Gui's House~~~

-Arron, who was in his car, got out and knocked on Gui Gui's front door.

GG: Coming (wondering who it was)

-Gui GUi opened the door, looking surprised.

GG: Arron! You're here.

YL:I told you we're starting our project today. (He didn't look at her while he talks, just acted as cold-blooded like how he usually does).

GG: Good thing I'm ready. Let's go.

YL: Don't forget to bring a notebook.

GG: I brought my camera.

YL:Oh it's just that I can look at it at study the cat.

-Obviously , Gui Gui is afraid of cats, why did she bring a camera? It's not to take pictures of the cat, it's to take pictures of Arron.

Idiot, it's my excuse.

~~In Arron's Car~~
GG: So, where are we going?

YL: Pet Store

GG: We're going to buy a cat?

YL: Yeah, I'm keeping it afterwords.

GG (looking worried): Umm.... can we... not...

YL: No. Just like I said before, whether you like it or not, we are using cat as our topic.

-The car was silent after that.

~~At the Pet Store~~
-An employee rushed to Gui Gui and Arron to welcome them

EM (employee): May I help you?

YL: Yes, we're looking for Siamese cats.

-Gui Gui's eyes widen, looking at Arron, getting more worried.

EM: Right this way.

-Gui and Arron follows.. blah blah blah.. bought the cat.. blah blah blah..walks out of the store. Arron was holding a cage, where the cat was in.

YL: Can you hold this for me for a second? (gives the cage to Gui Gui) Gui Gui looked at it, but quickly steps back.

GG: Sorry, I can't. My hand hurts these days. (making an excuse)

-Arron gives her a weird look, but decided to ignore it. They walked to his car.

YL: We're going to my house.

-Gui Gui nodded, 30 mins later, they finally arrived to his home/mansion. When Gui Gui walked into the house, she felt like a mouse looking for food.

YL: Follow me this way to my room.


GG: Huh? Room?

YL (knowing what she's thinking): Yeah, why do you think we're at my house?

GG (getting scared): But I thought... I.. we... I have to go (turns around and walks towards the door)

YL: How are you going to type and print out the report if you don't use the computer?

GG (feeling relieved and turns around) Oh.. Let's go.

Wow, she gets fooled easily.

~~Arron's Room~~
YL: The computer is over there (pointing to his desk)

- Arron took the cat out of the cage and started to feed it. He looked very friendly with the cat.

Wow, his room is so clean. (looked at Arron)I never knew has a nice side, he's taking care of a cat like a mom taking care of her baby.

-Arron lookedat Gui Gui, noticed that she was looking at him.

YL: What? (brushing the cat's hair)

GG: Nothing, I'm just surprised.

YL: Of what? (continues to brush)

GG: The way you're treating the cat.

YL: What way? (giving a confused, but serious look)

GG: Mmm.. I don't ever see you be so nice to anyone, never smile that way, actually, you don't smile at all. Never feed anyone like that, never been so gentle to anyone. But you do all the brushing, smiling, feeding and gentleness to a CAT!?! How can I not be surprised?

-Arron thought for a moment.

How come nobody ever tells me that, Wang Zi has been my friend ever since I was young, but he never tells me that, but this kid has known me for only about 2 weeks, she can tell all the things I do and don't do to people and animals? I don't even realize this myself until she tells me.

srry, have to stop here.. hope you enjoy... PLEASE COMMENT!! i have to write, then type.. just make me feel special and tell me about my story.. is it good or bad.. i need feedbacks too

still have to think..
why is gui gui afraid of cat??
will it actually get herself into danger?
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Posted 12/25/08
HAHA nice chapter! Please upload soon kays?

Haha i haven't been updating my story...Kind of lazy
Posted 5/15/10
lvz da story !!!!
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