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Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/25/08
Christmas will soon arrive! As a special gift, the members state the true things about themselves in some sections.

The questions are:
1. The most respected artists?
2. What do you want to do in your leisure time?
3. The type of music that you like?

1. American R & B singer Brian McKnight and The Gospellers
2. Sleeping, playing games .. There is no special. Really want to go picnic
3. Pop-Opera. With the OPERA style of singing, listening to it is very comfortable.

1. For Korean, is Yoo Young Jin. Because he has made us lot of songs. As for Japanese, is Masaharu Fukuyama
2. Eating with the family, spending 2 to 3 hours by co-walking along the river with dog.
3. Actually there is no type of music I like the most or least, but usually I listen to classical songs and piano instrumentals.

1. The Gospellers, their voices are really good, and also are able to compose their own songs, Whole of their 10 years activities have been truly charismatic.
2. Watching movies, playing bowling, driving, and recently also watching 007 movies.
3. I love all music, we also hope that no matter ballad or R & B, we can do/sing them all.

1. I also choose Yoo Young Jin, he is the first Korean R & B singer.
2. In the days before holiday I could not sleep, browsing internet, watching TV, making phone calls, composing songs, etc., When the holiday comes, sleeping all day.
3. I love rock.

1. KOBUKURO, their guitar rhythm and beautiful lyrics which can makes people crying is absolutely loved.
2. Taking a walk, climbing mountains, beautiful sceneries can fix the mood. As now I’m learning guitar, if I have time, I really want to practice all by myself.
3. With the guitar as the main point, a beautiful voice is also very good. I also like R&B
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