goodbye mikki?!
Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/24/08
Mikki closed her cyworld because people were leaving rude comments on both her cyworld and her boyfriends cyworld (Shin Gunhui). She didn't want to hear anymore of these rude comments from bloody netizens so she closed her cyworld while she and Gunhui are dating.
Netizens were saying how SGH was too young for her, I believe that he is seven years younger than her, and that he didn't have a "stable job" or anything so it's going to be tough on Mikki to support him and herself.

I'm guessing that since Sua is Mikki's best friend, she decided to follow suit and closed down her cyworld too.

Mikki posted an entry in her journal about what she felt about the whole thing:

"다 행복했으면 좋겠는데.
나도, 너도, 내가 모르는 모든 사람들도..
왜 서로 미워하고 밟지못해 안달이지
남이 행복해진다고 내가 불행해지는 것도 아니고
남이 성공했다고 내가 실패하게 되는 것도 아닌데 말이야..."

And now I go onto Lee Chihoon. I have no idea why the heck he closed his cyworld, probably the same reason as Sua did.
A lot of people were thinking that Lee Chihoon and Mikki were dating because of the photoshoot that they did together. People have saying that they are going out or should go out. Mikki made it clear that there was no skinship between her and LCH and explains that LCH's girlfriend was there with them for the photoshoot that they did together.

Well, there goes two of my favoruite uljjangs and it's a shame because I was just getting into Lee Chihoon.

-ulzzang maddness
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