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Animes Translated into Filipino
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19 / F / earth :P
Posted 7/26/11
I absolutely dislike it -_______________________________________-
They can just put subtitles in it. Sheesh -______-

Even dramas dubbed in Filipino sounds awful T^T
They should stop -____-

Perhaps the channel thinks they'll get more viewers because majority of us Filipinos don't know how to speak, write and read English -___-
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21 / F
Posted 7/31/11
nah.... i prefer the tagalog subs than the english dubs. They sounded more natural....besides there are lots of anime dubbed by ABS-CBN that sound great. I especially love Jefferson Utane's works (the guy who dubbed Goku, Yami Yugi, Conan and many, many, many more). Did you know that the guy who dubbed kaiba was actually fat? I actually idolize them.

Besides, if it were subbed, many people will have a hard time watching the action on the screen because they will be busy reading the words. And not every viewer is trying to learn japanese.
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21 / F / mars
Posted 9/6/11
I love watching Tagalog-dubbed anime but not Azumanga Daioh though. I reckon a dubbed version of that would sound Awful.
I liked the dubbing on InuYasha tho.I've been looking for the Tagalog dubbed version of it...
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20 / M
Posted 9/20/11
Posted 11/3/11
my opinion... awful.. coz they cut out most of the parts and they use up a lot of commercials....I think its better if you just watch on subs rather than dubs...
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24 / F / Cebu,Philippines
Posted 11/3/11
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104 / M
Posted 11/6/11
Yes I agree, especially Knockout (hajime no ippo) gma-7 and eyeshield21 dubbed by hero sucks ballz.
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17 / F / Manchester, Conne...
Posted 12/5/11
i really hate the voice dubber's here in phil. they sound retarded T_T why!??
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M / east bay
Posted 7/19/12
i prefer japanese(original) eng subbed but some fil. dubs are ok too like naruto and slam dunk
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32 / M / Norcal
Posted 8/15/12
I remember watching Sailor Moon dubbed in tagalog back in the days ( Elementary School Days )
it wasn't so bad they did all right with the opening song too ( Better than " FIGHTING EVIL BY MOONLIGHT )
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29 / F / 横浜市
Posted 8/19/12
it's too harsh to say that filipino dubbed animes suck...wwww..... FYI, filipino dubbed animes are appreciated by the japanese actually [based on the numerous times it was featured in different tv shows in japan up until now] & filipino voice actors are considered a good lot in known foreign anime dubbers......contrary to what some believe, most people [filipinos] still prefer dubbed versions rather than subbed versions, take it in mind that majority who watches anime in TV's aren't as exposed to "subbed" animes as compared to those who are used to watching "subbed" animes/dramas in the net.....not all CAN sit infront of tv watching a whole show without moving, i've known a few who tends to be busy doing something while watching tv, in fact these people appreciate dubbed shows more. dubbed versions doesn't mean that the audience can't read english whatsoever, it's too childish to think that way.... i'm not saying that filipino dubs are perfect, cause there's no such thing, but to call the efforts of these 'dubbers" as awful is downright rude...well, you can't please everybody, anyway. BUt one thing is for sure, it all boils down to PREFERENCE...
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23 / F / Academy City
Posted 10/2/12
depends on the dub quality. dubs were awesome back then, now i don't know anymore (i don't watch tv). i really enjoyed the dubs of the old shows, and i can't bear to watch doraemon or dragon ball in a different language. some dubs are better than the japanese ones (yes that's right) simply because of one cast being superior to the other (e.g. Jap and Fil Dragon Ball). Also, to the haters, our filipino dubbers are very good at what they do, it's just that there are very few of them in the market (that and the station cutbacks) so it sounds like some shows are dubbed by one person.

I really like filipino dubs, they're way better than accent-heavy english dubs.
Posted 10/5/12
I hate dubs even the english dubs...

Masenjoy ko yung palabas pagnakajapanese with subtitle
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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/6/12 , edited 10/6/12
I used to prefer the filipino-dubbed versions than the english dubbed when I was little kid. I used to think that the english-dubbed ones were a bit over-acted. But now that I have access to the original Japanese versions with subtitles, I only watch those now. And besides the filipino-dubbed anime has kind of degraded in quality.

There is this anime that I really love, and when I saw that ABS-CBN got a hold of it, I tried watching a dubbed episode. I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. The characters of the filipino voices were too different from what I was used to in the original version. I never watched another filipino-dubbed version of it again.
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Posted 10/6/12
I HATE IT!!! i'm proud to be a Filipino though
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