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Animes Translated into Filipino
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Posted 10/6/12

easonsmile wrote:

it's too harsh to say that filipino dubbed animes suck...wwww..... FYI, filipino dubbed animes are appreciated by the japanese actually [based on the numerous times it was featured in different tv shows in japan up until now] & filipino voice actors are considered a good lot in known foreign anime dubbers......contrary to what some believe, most people [filipinos] still prefer dubbed versions rather than subbed versions, take it in mind that majority who watches anime in TV's aren't as exposed to "subbed" animes as compared to those who are used to watching "subbed" animes/dramas in the net.....not all CAN sit infront of tv watching a whole show without moving, i've known a few who tends to be busy doing something while watching tv, in fact these people appreciate dubbed shows more. dubbed versions doesn't mean that the audience can't read english whatsoever, it's too childish to think that way.... i'm not saying that filipino dubs are perfect, cause there's no such thing, but to call the efforts of these 'dubbers" as awful is downright rude...well, you can't please everybody, anyway. BUt one thing is for sure, it all boils down to PREFERENCE...

I Agree.
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