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Posted 12/24/08
This is pretty old news but I thought it would be interesting to post this anyways.

"MARUIONE.JP’s popular brands BLACK PEACE NOW and ATELIER BOZ have just announced new collaborative items based on the anime “Kuroshitsuji” (Black Butler) by Toboso Yana.

“Kuroshitsuji” is an anime that has been gaining world renown about a “Super Butler”, Sebastian Michaelis, who serves Ciel, the selfish 12 year-old head of an English noble family.

All items will arrive on MARUIONE.JP at the middle of November.
For more details, check out the following website!"

ATELIER BOZ and BLACK PEACE NOW are Japanese brands.
BPN is a Japanese gothic themed fashion label and clothing brand while ATELIER BOZ is a Japanese gothic lolita brand.

I really want the Ciel set.
Too bad it's sold out T^T
It's super expensive because, well, these are from Japanese clothing brands.
But it also means that you're paying for high quality stuff.

In Canadian currency, the prices would be around:


Sebastian Set
Coat - $336
Shirt - $126
Pants - $178.50

Ciel set
Jacket - $293.50
Shirt - $172.20
Pants - $182.70


Lady's Kuroshitusji Collab set - $610

Men's Kuroshitsuji Collab set - $650

It's no wonder the BPN sets are sold out - it's $200 cheaper - o -
Unless you're loaded, or really want these sets, you're better off making your own cosplay outfits >.>
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Posted 12/25/08 , edited 12/25/08
Thats prety cool. I personally go to eBay for all my cosplay, since its relatively cheap and pretty good quality.

However, if you pay an unhealthy amount of attention to detail, you'll notice that the sebastian coat has 4 buttons on each side, and while that is accurate, theyre placed awkwardly and look crammed onto the jacket. on top of that, in the amine/manga he has 2 chains connecting from the 4th button right side to a pocket on the left. besides that it looks pretty good, but for that price it should be more accurate.

However again, to argue against myself, they only used these designs as a loose base from the series, so I shouldnt expect it to be entirely the same.
Posted 12/25/08
I don't know if it's really for cosplay or for regular wear since these brands are commonly seen in Japanese street fashion, but both would work.
I can see some EGA's wearing these :3
As for the prices, well, these are brand names here T^T
I remember when I visited Tokyo, I bought an ALGONQUINS shirt for around $62 >.> (And I lost it T^T)
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