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Posted 12/27/08
Name: Karen
Age: 18
Nationality: Vietnamese
Tales of the Abyss Character: not sure
Hobby: drawing
Job: member
Posted 12/27/08 , edited 12/27/08
name: maggie
age: 17
natinality: mexican-american
tales of abyss character:umm.. not sure yet~
hobby: playing video games watchin anime & drama's, & listenin 2 Hey!Say!JUMP!
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22 / M / in a planet far f...
Posted 12/28/08
age 13
nationalility singaporean
tales of abyss character :sob jade is taken i take sync
hobby playing maple if any 1 play aquaila add me tell me your name
job nthing
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24 / M / Richmond
Posted 12/28/08
name: pyro
age: 15
Nationality: latino
Tales of the Abyss Character: none
hoppy: Duel
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26 / F / Still trying loca...
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
Name: choki
age: 17
Nationality: asian
TOA character: Sync the Tempest
hobbies: staring into space, playing video games, watching/reading anime/manga, being lazy,
job: member... destroy whatever gets in my way! XD

OMG he's soooooo cute!!!XD
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27 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/28/08
Name: u can call me "xiiaosheng,susheng or sheng"^^
Tales of the abyss character...not sure yet >.<
Hobby:read comic,play basketball,soccer,play yu-gi-oh card,computer,play Cosplay,listen music,play PSP game,watch anime,drawing
About me:i like to make new friend and i like to draw anything to new friend as friendship^^ i like to
Cosplay^^ but not yet first...i like to read comic and watch anime^^ hahax xD nice to meet u all^^
9618 cr points
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23 / F / •••••aNiMe kingdo...
Posted 12/30/08
name: Maxene
age: 14
nationality: Filipino
tales of the abyss cahracter: Arietta
hobby: anime, manga
job: member
Posted 1/2/09
Name: Haruka Sayuri
Age: 14
Nationality: Chinese
Tales of the Abyss Character: Arietta(oh noes, is she taken? ;_;)
Hobby: Making others laugh, smile, & happy! :3 I also love pulling pranks & getting pranked myself. XD
About Me: I'm pretty easy-going, but as a word of warning, please stay on my good side. ;D
Job: Member, God General/Fon Master Guardian

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23 / M / Needham, MA
Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/27/09
Age: 15
Tales of abyss character: Vandesdelca Musto Fende
Hobby: Watching anime,Writing fanfic,etc.

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