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Kanjani8's Murakami dating Erika Toda?
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28 / diatas pasir
Posted 1/14/09
is it for sure ? ?
Posted 1/16/09

quackquack08 wrote:

Peachgir1 wrote:

hey in cartoon kat-tun they sed tht she'll meet some1...and get married to him when shes 30...could he b da 1?

No, he's not the one. I remembered that they said that Erika Toda will get proposed to in her early 20's, but she will deny it because of work. Then, in her late 20's she will get proposed to again (by another person) and she will accept it.

AH man tht suckz...
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23 / F / akame castle
Posted 1/22/09
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23 / F / Schenectady, NY
Posted 2/18/09
they can go ahead! i hav no objections!
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38 / F / sabah
Posted 11/1/09
Latest news about this couple :

Toda Erika & Murakami Shingo love story continues…

Last year Toda Erika and Kanjani8’s Murakami Shingo made headlines with the supposed overnight stay of Toda at Murakami’s apartment. Back then they both denied the dating rumors and stated that they are just friends. Now, 10 months after that rumor, new photos surfaced of them looking like a couple, holding hands and so on.

It’s weekend and a cold October night, Toda and Murakami enter a Showa-style bar…

A person who happened to be there at the same night gave us his impressions of the two. "The young couple really stood out among the typical drunkards who stay at such a bar during the night. Both of them sat down at the same time in the Japanese-style room and were holding each other’s hand. They were really flirting with each other. It was so sweet that I couldn’t look at them anymore. (laughs)"

They stayed there for about one hour. Then they left and walked a bit on the sidewalk. Suddenly they stop and stare at each other’s eyes. Toda gets on her tiptoes and shortens the gap between their faces. No way! Are they really…?! No, just when their lips are about to touch, they suddenly move away from each other. It seems like they noticed the glances of the passersby and decided better not to do it in public. Slightly ashamed, they start to smile at each other. Ain’t that a cute and innocent couple?

After that moment, they walk back to the main street hand in hand and even step it up by linking their arms. Of course there are even more people walking along the main street, but both of them didn’t really care and just enjoyed being with each other. Toda seemed a bit tipsy and tottered from time to time, but Murakami made sure to give her enough support. Occasionally she even stumbled on purpose and tried to bump into him… . They really have been in their own world. In the end they took 30 minutes for the 10-minute-walk to get to her apartment. Shouldn’t they just admit to being a couple? Nobody is going to believe that they are just friends. Murakami also didn’t look like he is new to her apartment when he opened the door for her.

But guess what, this time Murakami even made a very honest comment about that little ‘date’. "Toda-san and I are currently both busy with filming for our doramas, but on that day we were able to spend some time together, have fun and talk about our work and about fashion. We got to know each other while working together for a dorama and now we can already freely talk to each other in Kansai dialect. Our minds connect and we can be at ease when being together. She is really important to me."

The story and comment are taken out of the magazine called "Josei Seven" and of course they didn’t publish it without a handful of picture to prove what happened. Check out the pictures yourself and get your own idea of their relationship. Murakami’s comment sounded very much like an indirect approval of their relationship. Johnny’s seems to be cool with relationships, but Toda’s agency might be a bit worried about this story. At least they decided to make this little date just in time for their new doramas, but that’s probably just a coincidence…

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26 / F / sho sakurai's heart
Posted 11/1/09
isnt Kanjani8 is a JE band..and JE's arent allowed to date?
Posted 11/3/09 , edited 11/3/09
I hope not i just got crush on him from his new video. He looks manly.

I don't her with Ryo. He is way to hot for her.
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