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Post Reply (JUST FOR FUN!) What would you write in your diary if...
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23 / F / My Own Little Wor...
Posted 1/16/09
Dear, diary guess wat does free plane ticket to a mystery island was a rlly bad idea im stuck in this stupid island and the plane crash i should it know that the plane was no good and wat about does free ticket? wat was that?! if i was smart enough this will never happen T_T *sigh* well better go check out the island hope meh found some food at least -.-

Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/26/09
I pick : stuck in scary house

dear diary,
today I stuck in a scary house,
I don't know where am I..I'm scared, I don't know what to do
I hope he is here...I'm sure he will protect me now,
he will hug me and say "don't worry I'm here with you"
But he's not here so what I have to do ?

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25 / F / anime world!
Posted 1/26/09

animecrush wrote:

I pick : stuck in scary house

dear diary,
hari ini aku terjebak di rumah yang sangaat menyeramkan hanya ada aku di sini
sendirian gak ada yang nemenin, aku takuut, aku berharap di sini ada richard
yang nemenin aku, selalu hibur aku klo aku sedih, pengertian, baik
aku tau itu mustahil, karena dia udah punya pacar...
tapi aku pingin dia suka lagi sama aku
kuharap itu bisa terjadi


uhm, hey!!! thanks for sharing.. but.. can you change it or translate it to english so that most of us can understand? That's if its okay with you, thanks and, have a great day
Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09

anime-lover144 wrote:

okay then sorry ><
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27 / F / behind you!
Posted 2/9/09
I pick: stuck in a scary house

Dear Diary,
HELP ME!!! this house is sooo creepy....hope my crush is here..(for those who know who my crush is please don't laugh!). What can I do?!!!!!!!

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27 / M / In a place where...
Posted 2/12/09
I pick the scary house everyone. =D

Dear diary,
stupid of me to go to the scary all by myself and look what I got in return, stuck in here. I should have listen to my parents for not going here. I regret what I had did. Now it's matter of time my flashlight will be running of battery. But most of the time, the place here is quite dim and at least I'm not afraid of anything a little. Everytime I try to find a way out, it seems like someone or something is following me. Nevertheless, I must put that thought aside and find a way out. I wonder if I'm going to die here or survive from this terror. Is there someone there can help me...please...I'm scare...I'm......scare....

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