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Replace any title of an anime with the name 'Lelouch'.
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27 / M
Posted 12/25/08
the garden of Lelouch.

azumanga Lelouch.

Zero no Lelouch.

full metal Lelouch.

kimikiss pure Lelouch.

ga-rei Lelouch.

Posted 12/25/08
I Love My Lelouch Sister
Lelouch Shippuuden
One Lelouch
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Posted 12/25/08
I guess I will contribute some more since I'm the creator of this thread. LOL.

To aru majutsu no Lelouch. (To aru majutsu no index)
Rozen Lelouch/ Lelouch maiden (Rozen maiden)
Lelouch. (Naruto)
Lelouch of the North star (Fist of the North star)
Lelouch-mon (Pokemon/Digimon)
Majin Tantei Nougami Lelouch (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)
Lelouch 100% (Ichigo 100%)
Lelouch pure (Aizu Pure)
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28 / M / nowhere
Posted 12/25/08
lol this is a funny thread here goes:
lelouch biyori
yakitate lelouch
sayonara lelouch sensei
lelouch no go ni
lelouch piece
to aru majutsu lelouch~~best one for me~
macademi lelouch
lelouch beat
lelouch dunk
dragonball lelouch
onegai lelouch
onegai my lelouch
thats enough i guess
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24 / F / Cyberspace
Posted 12/25/08
Lucky Lelouch, or Lelouch Star
Serial Experiments Lelouch
The Adventures of Lelouch
Cowboy Lelouch
Dirty Lelouch
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26 / M / The place where o...
Posted 12/25/08 , edited 12/25/08
Lucky Lelouch
Captain Lelouch
Onegai Lelouch, i think
Fate/Stay Lelouch
Lelouch Rumble
or School Lelouch
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25 / M / Florida,Orlando
Posted 12/25/08
Goshuushou-sama Lelouch-kun (Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun)
Dream Dimension Hunter Lelouch (Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora)
Lelouch Drops (Honey Drops)
Lelouch No Hibi (Midori No Hibi)
Rosario + Lelouch (Rosario + Vampire)
Lelouch no Himitsu (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu)
Agent Lelouch (Agent Aika)
Dashing Lelouch (Dashing Kappei)
Demon Prince Lelouch (Demon Prince Enma)
DemonLelouch (Demonbane)
Desert Lelouch (Desert Punk)
They Are My Lelouch (They Are My Noble Masters)
To-Love Lelouch (To-Love Ru
Lelouch Style (Wandaba Style)
Ah My Mini Lelouch (Ah My Mini Goddess)
Angel Lelouch (Angel Tales)
Sister Lelouch (Sister Princess)
Lelouch the Animation (Aria the Animation)
Lelouch no Ceres (Ayashi no Ceres)
Lelouch+ (Blood+ )
Lelouch Fairy (Bottle Fairy)
Burst Lelouch (Burst Angel)
Chaos Lelouch (Chaos Head)
Code Lelouch (Code E)
Lelouch Stalkers (DarkStalkers)
Romeo x Lelouch (Romeo x Juliet)
Lelouch Eater (Soul Eater)
This Ugly Yet Beautiful Lelouch (This Ugly Yet Beautiful World)
Lelouch Heart 2 (To Heart 2)
Lelouch Blood (Trinity Blood)
Better stop or i might fill this page XD
Posted 12/25/08
Hyper Lelouch ( Hyper Police)
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28 / F
Posted 12/25/08
Lelouch na Kiss! (Itazura na Kiss)
Lelouch 00
Lelouch- a tale of melodies
Sister Lelouch (Sister Princess)
Lelouch Romantica (Junjou Romantica) I would love to see this one haha
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Posted 12/25/08
Taimanin Lelouch
Night Shift Lelouch
Welcome to Pia Lelouch

And although not an anime but would be very funny
Do You Like Horny Lelouch?
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23 / F / Behind you [:
Posted 12/25/08
Kaze no Lelouch
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23 / F / The Netherlands
Posted 12/25/08 , edited 12/25/08
Lol for this, lets me see:

. Hack Legend Of The Lelouch
Lelouch Layer
Lelouch's Sweet Home
Elemental Lelouch
Good Lelouch Of The West
H2O ~Lelouch In The Sand~
Lemon Lelouch Project
Lelouch Wizard
Strait Lelouch
Time Stranger Lelouch
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26 / M / Akranes,Iceland
Posted 12/25/08
katekyo hitman Lelouch XD
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24 / F / ask the kitten ne...
Posted 12/25/08
Kurolelouch (Kuroshitsuji)
Lulublade/Lelouchblade ( lol lulu blade hehe using his nickname)(Beyblade)
Death Lelouch waa no!! better Lelouch Note (Death Note)
Lelouch High School Host Club(Ouran High School Host Club)
Lelouchdrive (Overdrive)
LelouchxJuliet (RomeoxJuliet) hehe i like more LelouchxCC
La Corda d´Lelouch (La Corda d´Oro)
Lelouch Kaleidoscope (Ginban Kaleidoscope)
Lelouch Drops (Nanatsuiro Drops)
Shaman Lelouch (Shaman King) i want to see tis probably funny
Tokyo Lelouch mew/ Tokyo Lelouch (Tokyo mew mew) haha lol lelouch in a magical girl dress but still weeuuuu
Lelouch Gerad/ Erementar Lelouch(Erementar Gerad)
Nabari no Lelouch (Nabari no Ou)
LELOUCH/1999 (X/1999) sound interesting
Toralelouch hehe i like toralulu more (Toradora)
Lelouch Beat! (Skip Beat!)
5 Lelouchs per second (5 centimeters per second)
KissxLelouch (Kissxsis)
I love my younger Lelouch (I love my younger sister)
Lelouch no Kyoukai (Kara no Kyoukai)
OMG i think ill stop here hehe
Posted 12/25/08
The Girl Who Leapt Through Leouch. lol.
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