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Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/10/09
What are your favorite Captain Harlock Episodes?

Iike episode 1 where Harlock makes his entrance under guard and episode 9 cuz it reminds me of Scooby Doo.

I have been chastised for using Harlock and Scooby Doo in the same sentence.BUT I still really enjoyed this episode with the Mazone emerging out of the trees, and the attempted heist scene.

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Posted 3/1/16 , edited 3/1/16
It was hard, but here they are:

2. "A Message From the Unknown" (未知からのメッセージ). I just love little Mayu's "Take me with you" after being saved from wolves.

14. "The Sphinx's Gravestone" (スフィンクスの墓標) because of how Harlock risks death from thirst to save his god-child.

17. "The Skeletal Hero" (白骨の勇者),
18. "The Evil Shadow Soldiers" (魔の幻影戦士),
24. "The Shooting Star of Pure Love" (純愛流れ星). I really love Zorba & Lucia; I shipped them along with Kei & Tadashi.

30. "My Friend, My Youth" (わが友わが青春),
31. "Arcadia – The Secret Story of It's Construction" (アルカディア号建設秘話), and...
38. "Farewell! Mayu" (さらば!まゆ ). I nearly cried at that one
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