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What do you think of Emo?
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30 / M / Usa
Posted 9/6/09
I hate i thinks its a really stupid and childish name. Just cause some wears skinny's, and has stylish hair they are called emo. Its ridiculous and people who say i hate them there pussy's and goths are idiots end of story grow up.
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77 / F
Posted 9/7/09
emo people are annoying.
those annoying emo people.
"i wanna die"
"i hate my life"
"my parents hate me"
and all the crap. o=
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Posted 9/8/09
that's what most people are labelling those quiet ones usually.
Some people are just introverted
Emo.... is not really something you can label yourself with, cuz it's not really a label
... i have a really vague idea of what emo is really
Posted 9/20/09
i think EMO is a fashion style....there is no such thing as a emo behaviour there....=P
Posted 9/20/09
their style rocks.. . but ppl these days think that they are emo just becuase of their "look" and thats really stupid and most of the ppl misunderstand the meaning of "emo" . . .
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24 / F / Minnesota
Posted 9/22/09
I don`t think "emo" is a characteristic to describe a person . I view it more as a style // or like emo music . I don`t think a person is "emo" they may dress like it // but it doesn`t mean that they necessarily have to be gay , depressed , or that they cut themselves . It`s just a style and type of music .
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Posted 9/23/09

krazyDave wrote:

I hate it when kids or adults define them-selves as "EMO". When I ask "why so?" The same answers always come up such as:

1 "No one understands me"
2 "My parents don't love me"
3 "I just 'am...ok!"
4 "I have a horrible life."

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah!!! If no one understands you, then why are there so many of you that dress alike, talk alike, and listen to the same type of songs. On top of that, people that claim to be "EMO" hang out with each other! SO SOMEBODY DOES UNDERSTAND YOU OK!!!!

Parents love there kids!! Its just that some parents suck at being parents. I think parents are worried because of the way that "EMOs" are dressed. Lets face it. If you dress like EMO, it looks like your very disturbed and attention seeking. The funny part is when someone gives attention to you; people that act EMO likes to do the opposite (turn everyone away!).

Claiming that your "EMO" like its cool is worst!! My grandma always told me, "What's worst than a liar? A liar that believes his own lies." If you don't know how to socialize with different types of style, personality, and preferences. Then just try because you can only get better at socializing with practice; so don't do the opposite (running away because you suck at it)!!!!

YOU DO NOT HAVE A HORRIBLE LIFE!! I repeat. YOU DO NOT HAVE A HORRIBLE LIFE!! I've been in 3rd world countries (which I will not name in-order to not offend the culture). I've seen some of them (3rd world countries) wear the same clothes that they are currently wearing for years!! 1 meal that you eat in a day is what they eat in 1 week sometimes. You have all the necessities that they do not have; that you take for granted, but you piss it all away because YOU think your life is horrible.

If your EMO. All I can say for you is, "You can make your life better because its entirely up to you. No one can live YOUR LIFE, BUT YOU!!! So don't rely on a trend that suits your wants because its not really what you need!!!"

I definetely agreee with u.,,PLUS emo stands for emotive..not emotional -.-
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23 / F / Galaxy
Posted 9/23/09 , edited 9/23/09

Shabbernigdo wrote:

Personally i think it retarded.

If some one is sad or angry thats fine for a little while but to go arrond all day lookin and acting like some one pissese in your corn flakes everyday is stupid. What ever it is that makes em emo they need to suck it up and get over it.

I have a lot of hate i mean A LOT OF HATE but if i went arround pissed off all the time venting on people ide be in jail.
just gotta get over it and move on.

People that are emo cuz they think its cool = retards.
People that are emo due to hormonal imbalance = see a doctor and get that shit fixed.
People that are emo due to a close death or serous illness of a friend or family member = Ok for a little while.

Posted 9/24/09
i dont care about it
i know some ppl who dress like emo but i never heard them complain about life
Posted 9/24/09
╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║page if you are or support
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ Emos!!

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F / Davao
Posted 10/10/09

Cookie_Queen wrote:

their style rocks.. . but ppl these days think that they are emo just becuase of their "look" and thats really stupid and most of the ppl misunderstand the meaning of "emo" . . .

You said it yourself "their style rocks" which makes you one of those people who thinks that "they are emos because of their looks" and you also said that it's "really stupid'. =3=
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29 / F
Posted 11/4/09
well i guess every one used to go through Emo times...
however, it differs on how u deal with it.

I used to be quite emo sometimes. U know, getting snappy and moody 4 no reason.
but that was looooooong time ago.
Posted 11/16/09
Emos are all retarded.
Their style is so lame.... It's like they're saying, "Hey look at me I'm lonely, I'm dark, I'm sensitive!"
They think they're so cool but they look like homos actually.
I hate it... specially when people say that I'm emo! How stupid can they be?!!!!

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24 / F / What? Your mom di...
Posted 11/16/09
I couldn't care less about their style. Looks don't really mean much to me. It's their whole "the world is out to get me" attitude. Stereotyping is stupid. Especially when you're stereotyping yourself.
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16 / M
Posted 11/16/09
Emo is some stupid new trend that will soon die, it is ridiculous, I'm pretty sure I've been through way more shit than every single emo out there, yet they decide to express "depression", in my opinion, emo's are attention seeking little pussies, who need to stop crying over their parents telling them they can't have the new Barbie game, stupid kids, they need to grow up. Pretending their life is so bad just to be "cool" haha.
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