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This is my first fanfiction=] i hope you guys like it. I love Ouran High School Host Club and I was like 'no!' when it was over. I wanted more HaruhiXTamaki romance plus the love triangle with Hikaru...and maybe a love square with Kyoya? well yeah I hope you like it

This is my sequel to it. I do not own OHSHC ok?


Note: Change of color means new scene
Chapter 1
Ouran Graduation && Kyota's Engagement?

"We're really gonna miss you Haruhi!" Kaoru and Hikaru said in perfect unison.
"Gee...thanks guys." Haruhi said dully.
"Say, what University are you going to, Haruhi?" Kaoru asked. Haruhi looked thoughtful for a moment
"I don't really know. I can't afford a University. What about-"
"Oh look, their calling us." Hikaru placed his hands on Haruhi's shoulders. "Let's go."
"Hey-" Haruhi protested as Hikaru pushed her down the isle.

All of Haruhi's classmates stood hand in hand in front of the school. Kaoru and Hikaru each on either side of Haruhi.
"I present to you the class of 07*!" The stadium erupted in cheers.
"Look, everyone's here." Kaoru whispered to Haruhi. Haruhi looked at Kaoru in bewilderment. Kaoru pointed to the crowd. That's when she saw them: Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, Kyoya-senpai...and Tamaki!
Haruhi's heart skipped a beat when she saw him. She felt her face grow hot. Kaoru and Hikaru snickered behind Haruhi's back.
"How-?" Haruhi was at a lost for words.
"You didn't think they would let us graduate without them, did you?" Hikaru asked with a sly smile.
"Thanks guys!" Haruhi wrapped an arm around Kaoru's and Hikaru's neck and squeezed. Kaoru and Hikaru hugged her back tighter.

"Congrats you guys!" Honey-kun smiled. He jumped on Haruhi. "I missed you Haru-chan!"
"What are we...?"
"Kinder Garden Graduates?" Hikaru finished.
"We missed you too!" Tamaki jumped beetween the twins. He smothered them with his armpits. the twins gasped for breath. Hikaru pushed Tamaki off him.
"Four years and you haven't changed a bit." Kyoya shook his head. Haruhi broke away from Honey-senpai just in time to here Kyoya's remark.
"Don't you guys go to the same University?" Haruhi asked.
"Oh Haruhi!" Tamaki grabbed Haruhi by the waist. "You're so kawaii! You look so feminine now!" He began spinning Haruhi around the room.
"You know, I am a girl." Haruhi grumbled.
"No, Kyoya-kun took over his Otou-san's business!" Honey-kun exclaimed.
"And what about your brothers?" Haruhi asked, prying Tomaki off her.
"They work under me now," Kyoya answered with a superior grin.
"Say Kyoya, tell Haruhi about your girlfriend." Tamaki playfull elbowed Kyoya . Kyoya punched Tomaki in the gut. Tomaki retreated to trademark Corner of Despair.
"The lord is still the same." Kaoru and Hikaru said disapprovingly. Haruhi rolled her eyes.
"So you really have a girlfriend Kyoya-senpai?" Kyoya flushed with color. Haruhi could tell he was not comfortable talking about the subject. Kyoya pushed up his glasses that were in danger of falling off the bridge of his nose. He cleared his throat.
"Yes. Her name is Koriame."
"Koriame?" Haruhi repeated.
"Umm...she's the daughter of a world renowned chef. Aragake Koriame."
"Arigake?" Honey-senpai looked up from Mori-senpai. "Aragake Toma? The famous pastry chef?" Honey-senpai drooled. Kyoya nodded. Everyone knew where this was going. Honey-senpai leapt onto Kyoya-kun.
"Oh please. Oh please let me meet her."
"But she lives in Kyoto." Kyoya argued. Honey-kun clutched onto Kyoya's shirt
"Onegai?" he looked at Kyoya with big, bright pleading eyes.
"Fine." Kyoya said through clenched teeth. Honey-kun nearly strangled Kyoya with joy. Haruhi looked at Kyoya skeptically.
"Then it's settled! We're going to Kyoto!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"Whoa! Kyoto!" Haruhi looked out the window in awe. She turned around and stared at the six boys behind her. She couldn't help but smile. It's been so long since they bonded like this. When most of the host club graduated, the club dissolved. Haruhi and the twins remained friends however. Over the years, Haruhi let her hair grow out. It was nearly to her waist now. The twins been having a few hair experiments lately also. But other than that, everyone was the same. Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai were still as close as ever. Kyoya, was still...well cool. And Tamaki? Well somethings may never change.
"Hey Haruhi, sit over here." Hikaru gestured to the empty seat next to him. Haruhi nodded.
"No Haruhi!" Tamaki jumped out of his seat. "Sit over here!" Hikaru rolled his eyes.
"But there's no room over there senpai." Harhi replied.
Tomaki brushed his hair out of his face, "Then sit on daddy's lap." he said coolly. Haruhi's face dropped. Daddy? Isn't the host club dissolved?
"It's alright senpai." Haruhi said. He pouted. Tamaki shout Hikaru an icy glare. Hikaru grinned mischievously.
"Are we there yet?" Honey senpai whined.
"Be patient." Mori-kun said in his monotone voice.
"But....but..." Honey-kun was close to tears.
"Ah!" Haruhi screamed. The limo ran over a bump
"Haruhi!" Tamaki reached out to catch her. Everyone looked stricken. "Haruhi..."
Haruhi groaned, "Sorry I pulled you down with me senpai." Haruhi apologized. There was a dead silence; olny the sound of the engine rumbling. "Hikaru?" Hikaru's face was a deep red. O/////O Haruhi blushed also.
"Get off her!" Tamaki side kicked Hikaru. He slammed against Kaoru. "Are you alright, Haruhi?" Tamaki held out his hand for her. She ignored it.
"I'm alright senpai." Now Tamaki was close to tears.
"You don't love daddy anymore?" Tamaki wept.
"Tamaki!" Kyoya growled. Everyone turned to face him. "Will you please shut up?" he asked in a low, threatning voice.
"Kyoya senpai?" Kyoya begged. "Please?"
Tomaki whimpered behind Mori-kun. "There, there," Honey-senpai said. He patted Tamaki on the shoulder.
"What are you so pissed about?" Kaoru and Hikaru asked. Haruhi's sweat dropped. They would have the nerve.
"Kaoru! Hikaru!" Tamaki warned. He sure bounced back. "Leave Kyoya alone."

i'll continue the rest of the chapter next time....its getting pretty late && its christmas!!! well....peace XoXoxo

"We're here." Kyoya said, getting out of the car.

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