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Posted 12/25/08 , edited 12/26/08
Here's the early summary from room 708 that was posted on tatsukida.
I just copied and pasted the summary:

This summary is translated from 艾亞’s post in room 708 forum. It is translated from a Japanese post so it might be quite literal and hard to figure out what happened without the scans. Here goes: Ren’s padlock [necklace?] and forehead is merged into one body. [Huh?] The small box that Ren has is Nana’s birthday gift. Reira rushes to Nana and says, “Nana, I’m sorry..” Shin pulls Reira’s hand and says, “Consider other people’s feelings! If Nana learns that Ren died because he is going to see her [Reira], what will she think?!” After getting angry like that, Shin leaves Reira. The side that Shin left is Takumi [or Takumi goes to Reira’s side] and Takumi uses this good timing to hug Reira. That photographer [Kurata?] -not those other two- is reprimanded by the editor about not getting a single picture. [Then there are some comments about Takumi’s hair if it is thinning or something. ^^;;] When Yasu arrived with Nana at the hotel, he is supporting her. Miu seems to be jealous or doesn’t want to see that so she left or stayed farther away from the place. Takumi is worried about the police investigating about the drugs but Yasu thinks that the police will just focus on the accident. There is no time to investigate. Yasu and Takumi talk about the cremation. Takumi said something that it is troublesome or to that effect so Yasu said if it’s troublesome then he’ll do it. It seems that Nana’s publication will be on hold. This is a hurried translation so there might be mistakes and it isn’t complete. Before Nana arrives, Nobu tells Hachi that Yasu is also not relaxed. For Nana, Hachi is important/essential and Nobu thinks that Hachi is also uncomfortable/in pain but he hopes for her to be there/to accompany Nana. At Nana’s side, she is thinking a lot about Hachi. When Nana’s car arrived, the media surrounded it. Nobu wanted Hachi to go out, Hachi did go. “Are you Takumi’s wife?” “If you want to talk to someone, then I talk to me. Do not inquire anything from Nana,” Hachi said with tears. Nana can’t quite move as she is hugged by Yasu as they enter. Miu and Shun [?] gets the luggage into the inn. Shun said that she must be with Yasu’s side. Miu said that at this time, she doesn’t want to be jealous. [The summary is a bit messed up but then, that’s the order it is posted ^^; Anyway, we’ll just wait for the scans to be out to confirm these spoilers ^^ Hm..the author is now making us think again that Nobu-Hachi is a better pairing than Takumi-Hachi ^^; ]


Seems like another slow chapter...but it's okay. I think I'm only complaining b/c I'm only reading one chapter per month. I'm sure I would of been much more happier if I discovered the series when it was already completed.
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