Post Reply When Yūko toke away the memories of Sakura do u like the memories of her remembering Syaoran will come back?
Posted 12/26/08 , edited 12/26/08
well may answer is yes but sakura might be crazy of this event!!

see?? she was in love with the clone one! but she`s a clone
and right now she`s traveling with the true one but not his childhood friend
and.... i forgot in the manga fye kill her!! because fye was cursed but sakura still lives??
she said that she still exist even fye stabb her with a sword .... ^^ actually fye yelled and cried^^ after that don`t know did`nt read the next one in short she said that she will be traveling all by her self ^^ and hey not sure if this is the latest one!! i bought it ^^
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