Posted 12/26/08 , edited 12/26/08
Hey some of you might find this topic annoying/useless etc. but when the poll titled "DO YOU LIKE BELLA" started i couldnt stand it anymore as you all know BELLA SWAN is thefemale lead of twilight and when i read all the comments in that poll some said "OH I HATE HER OH I ENVY HER OH I DONT LIKE HER CUZ SHES WHINY"guys understand that the book and the movie was made possible because of her and all of them especially the movie so i just wrote this topic so i can bring justice to bella of course sometimes shes not admirable but that is all just part of the story so try to cope with it the other reason i made this topic is the fact that EDWARD CULLEN or robert has lots of admirers and few haters and i find it unfair for BELLA SWAN or kristen that there are several who dont like her which i think doesnt give her credits so please people love everyone even if you might despite some from watching the movie or reading the book cuz it is all part of the story!

xoxo~Twilight Fannabee "Bloody Twilight"
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