“Adieu” DBSK 4th Album Activities to Finish
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DBSK, who were active during the almost end of this year are finishing their national activities and are going to go straight into Japanese activities.

SBS ‘Gayo Daejun’ (on the 29th), will be the last stop for their fourth album “JUMON-MIROTIC” activities. In January, they’ll re-start their activities in Japan with their new single Bolero.

DBSK’s 25th single ‘Bolero - Kiss the Baby Sky’ will be released next January 21st and has six tracks. The titlesong is a ballad, moving away from the tough image showcased in ‘MIROTIC’ and ‘WRONG NUMBER’. They’ll be showcasing more of a soft image in Japan.

DBSK will be finishing the year especially busily, what with all the invitations and calls from Japanese award shows.

This coming 30th they’ll be a part of “The fiftieth Japan Record Awards” as well as NHK “Music Japan. On the 31st they will be a part of NHK “Kouhaku uta Gassen” as well as TBS “CDTV SP Premier Live”.

This year, in Japan, all four of their released singles rose to number one on the Oricon Weekly Chart. Which resulted in them being the most number of ORICON CHART number one’s hand in hand with ARASHI. It’s their fans’ utmost interest as to what sort of activity they will continue in Japan.
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erm, not wanting to be rude or anything, but this kinda topic shld be an update in the main dbsk thread, you know?
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like hime_chama said,
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oh!well.....I dunno where the hell is the main thread so.. i will say my piece here!!
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