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Favorite Movies
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24 / F / Under your bed!!!...
Posted 12/28/08
Kagen no Tsuki (Ehehe for HYDE)
Moon Child (For HYDE again xD)
Koizora (Wahhh! :()
Jenny and Juno
Project Makeover
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
baby n me(kmovie)

hana yori dango final(jmovie)

He was cooooool(all tym fav),My sassy girl,A wolf's temptation,My tutor friend1&2, My little bride.
ummmm..... actually i've got loads more
can't write names of all of them.
Posted 12/28/08
Koizora is the only movie that i ever bother to watch more than once. truly beautiful
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F / here....Matsujun...
Posted 12/28/08
LOTR - watched it soo many times n never get bored
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M / big UK chinatown
Posted 12/28/08
ichi the killer

battle royale

sympathy for mr vengeance

saw 1 ending


kill bill

Posted 12/28/08
100 days with Mr. Arrogant
Dear Friends
200 Pounds of Beauty
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Posted 12/28/08
The Shining
Posted 12/28/08

i know its not azn but i just wanted to mention it
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29 / F / cavite & manila,...
Posted 12/28/08
A Walk to Remember (never fails to make me cry)
If Only
Coach Carter
A Very Special Love (never fails to make me laugh loud)
Step Up1 and You've Got Served (I wish I could dance)
Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do (that guy really looks like Sam Concepcion)
Daddy Long Legs
Death note: L Changes the World (It made me cry and love L more)

These movies touched me...
and proved to me that I'm really a crybaby
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26 / F / Earth..^_^...
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 1/20/09
some of the movies i watched(its all korean i think)

a moment to remember
the classsic
sassy girl
art of seduction
my little bride
innocent steps
he was cool
baby and me
my mighty princess
Il mare
millionaire's first love
crazy waiting
200 pound beauty
100 days w/ mr arrogant
fly high
please teach me english
i like it hot
jenny and juno
love phobia
my boyfriend is type B
she's on duty
seducing mr. perfect
spring bears love
spy girl
the beast and the beauty
see u after school
too beautiful to lie
the romance
Unstoppable marriage
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F / Philippines
Posted 12/29/08
a walk to remember ~~ ( this movie makes me cry)
twilight ~~ ( love Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart )
high school musical 3
the promise ~~ ( love angel locsin & richard guttierez)
one more chance ~~ ( love the story )
mean girls
raise your voice
a cinderella story
another cinderella story
camp rock

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77 / F / Barking
Posted 1/18/09
I have watched Spirited away over 300 times. I used to watch it as a bed time story and I have been watching it since around 2006.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1973 maybe 8 times

uhhhhh Sympathy for Lady Vengence i watched it yesterday on film four too XD it was 3:30am and I think my brain melted at one side. Now I have no brain!

My NEIGHBOUR Totoro I had on my ipod along with Spirited Away and Anchorman....

that's about it ^^

Oh Neverending Story, the grinch and lord of the rings I can watch and Harry Potter one
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24 / F / Forks
Posted 1/18/09
Lord of the rings (Watched it toooo many times <3)
Pride and Predjudice (I watched it 5 times in one day! Seriously! SOO good! : D)
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Posted 1/19/09
200 Pounds of Beauty
Posted 1/19/09


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