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Younger Kira or Older Kira
Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/26/09
i actually use amuro style man.
Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/26/09
and i will not kill you.
Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/26/09
you will never figure out who i am!

i own guys with:
self denote
sattelite cannon
burning finger
buster rifle
bare hands.
Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09
and you are holding meer hostage, asuran is gonna get mad!
Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09
and i'm someone else.
Posted 1/28/09 , edited 1/28/09
or try beating me with a falcon punch
Posted 2/17/09 , edited 2/18/09

supersnake wrote:

Kirafan wrote:

and i mean all of them together shooting.

man your freedom is armed with every single type of gun and u just owned me in 20 seconds in typical kira style XD but i know hot to beat u * has lacus hostage in his cockpit* WAIT b4 u shoot i have your lover as hostage u sure u want to kill me at the price of your sexy love

WTF? why not we have a fight in the VS at the 6/02/09
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