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What do think of KOREAN Mangas?
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24 / F / In front of my la...
Posted 4/19/10
Not bad if we compare it to Japanese manga if I do say so myself :D
I've been read
Be My Sweet Darling
Cavalier Princess
and others I forgot :P
I like these manga
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24 / under the same sky
Posted 5/22/10 , edited 5/22/10

grapeegrace wrote:

there may be good manhwas just as there are good mangas
An example of a good manhwa for me is faeries' landing which is a manhwa from tokyopop
the art is good just as the storyline is good and has funny parts

yes an example of a good manhwa is Bride of the Water God!

the artwork is stunning!

and the storyline has depth and is unique.
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Posted 5/22/10
"Chronicles of the Cursed Sword" is good. Lots of blood, fighting, martial arts, and heavenly sword techniques + many magic spells.
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22 / M / Unknown
Posted 5/23/10
No idea. But Japan Manga is still the best!!
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25 / F / 40° 42' 51" N / 7...
Posted 5/23/10 , edited 5/23/10
after you get over the drawing style (in comparison to manga that i'm more used to), most of the manhwa stories are quite entertaining. some parts drag, some stories have disappointing ending and some had almost the same plot (strong glutton girl who can't beat the guy she likes but can send a whole gang of delinquents to the hospital).
i've read and finished some manhwa, just got bored in some parts but i liked them. Red Lion, He's Dedicated to Roses, Hot Blooded Woman were good. I'm still reading Saver, Love in the Mask and Absolute Witch (i'm sure they're korean and they are really good). Waiting for the updates really takes a lot of my patience =)
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A small place in...
Posted 5/23/10
Well there are some good k-mangas, but for the most part I find most to be too shojo or bishonen for me, the hero or heroine or friends are beautiful and rich or talented but the bad guys or side characters are totally ugly and retarded, and the plot is somehow predictable. BORING.

Just think it like this, J-Manga are quite good that people have made dramas out of them, K-Dramas are actually much better that mangas have been made out of them. If I want to read drama, I watch Korean but if I want to read manga, Japan is much better.

Great Manga made into drama - Hana Yori dango -
Great K-drama - Jewel in the Palace
'Shipwrecked Manhwa' is pretty good from what I read in the first few chapters although it seem to resemble Ouran Host Club.
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Posted 5/25/10 , edited 5/25/10
I find that many Korean manhwa artists tend to pay more attention to drawing very detailed characters. Not saying Japanese artists don't pay as much attention, some notable examples being Yuki Kaori, Peach-Pit, and Hino Matsuri. But more than 4/5 of the manhwa I've seen are the type that are very detailed as far as artwork is concerned. You don't see manhwa with a casual type of drawing very often.

Another thing I've also noticed is, some (not all) manhwa don't have the smooth transition from panel to panel that you see in Japanese manga. Like, the connection between one scene and the next is not consistent enough to make it look natural.

With that said, I'm not saying I don't like Korean manhwa. Some of them are really good. It's a good thing you don't see a lot of the cliche pathetic idiotic female characters you would find in abundance in many (not all) Japanese shoujo manga. Those characters always make me wanna say: Oh please, grow some backbone and braincells will ya? Korean manhwa heroines are much more independent in comparison. However, some of these very independent heroines are too feisty to the point of being completely obnoxious. That I don't appreciate anymore than I do the idiot type.

I won't make any comparison of manhwa and manga in terms of plots because that would just be unrealistic. No matter what country it comes from, a good story is a good story, and a bad one, still bad.

Edit: forgot to mention the thing about the names, sometimes I can't get used to Korean names.
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22 / F
Posted 5/25/10
YUP i love some korean manga. ... "do you want to Try" is my favorite korean manga!!~
Posted 5/26/10
like they all have the same cliche plot.
I still have a little hope for Boy of the female wolf
and pig bride
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22 / F / over there. XD
Posted 6/4/10 , edited 6/4/10
i love manhwas ~
but sometimes, i prefer the manga[japanese] drawings. ^^

actually, i do have a lot manhwas on my list .:D
i love hwang Mi ri! XDD
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26 / F / DOn't know!! Some...
Posted 6/4/10
I like them I have read a few and they are good, I speciall like cutie boys, it's love, and forbiden kiss ^_^
Posted 6/4/10
Their okay, but they take FOREVER to come out. So i don't read them, even if the designs and plot are good.
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22 / F / Utah
Posted 6/4/10
I think it's the same as mangas. I've read only one, 13 boy, and I'm still not finished. But I like it still.
Posted 6/4/10

coz i only like one korean comics... and its called THE BREAKER~!!! COZ THE CHICKS THERE WERE HAAAAAAWT~!!!!
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22 / F / Under your bed
Posted 6/4/10
They're pretty good ^^ but manga is still the best for me <333
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