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Posted 12/27/08 , edited 12/27/08
This is where you must make your character.

**NOTE** In order to participate in the RPing you must have a character created and you must remain in that character at all times.

DO NOT MAKE ALL-POWERFUL CHARACTERS. If your character is too powerful, you will be forced to edit it.

Please fill out the following form. Be creative and include pictures if you can.

Character Name:

Character Type:

Character Description:

Character Personality:

Basic Abilities:

Special Abilities:


Character Weapons:

Weapon Description:

Weapon Weakness:

Character Background:

**NOTE** There may be edits to the form in the future so please try to keep up to date with it.
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Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/29/08
Character Name: Mathias Acelius

Character Type: Lycanthrope

Character Description: Human form: 6'00'' , Black Dreadlocks, scar on my chest, Semi-muscular build, wears all black clothing

Lycanthrope Form: Very Muscular, rugged fur, thick claws, and a long tail

Character Personality: Is a very rational person, funloving and kind person, but when in berserk mode his wild side is released and all hell breaks loose.

Basic Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced agility, Enhanced all 5 senses

Special Abilities: Transformation into lycan form: Claws, Teeth, Speed

Weaknesses: When extremely tired will be vulnerable to silver, and metal; he also has a weakness to beautiful women.

Character Weapons: His body is a weapon with his know how of martial arts and his beastial power.

Weapon Description: None

Weapon Weakness: None

Character Background:

When Mathias was that of a young child, his village was attacked by rogue bandits. His mother saved him by hiding him in a small passage in their house, only to be struck down by The leader of the bandits Valom. Looking through the cracks of the wall he saw his mother killed and he remembered the face of his mother's killer. Swearing to avenge the death of his mother, he waited until the village was cleared, leaving the village in a fiery blaze to give a merciful burial to the bodies of his fellow villagers. Years went by and Mathias traveled the continent to get stronger, from brutal fights with bandits, wild animals, and even foreigners. Learning from the latter he became accustomed to martial arts. One night while training in the mountains, he came across a gypsy camp. Learning of his vendetta, a gypsy promised him power, which he wholeheartedly accepted without knowing what type of power. He was then cursed with lycanthropy, going into a blinded rage he then transformed. Waking up the next day he awoke to a a destroyed gypsy camp with bodies all over the place. Seeing his hands so bloody, he tried to commit suicide but that came to no avail, knowing that he was now like Valom, he retracted from society and the world in a cavern. Going into a hibernation type state he slept for 5 centuries to wake to the Dark world that now enveloped the world.
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/30/08
Character Name:Aria Fumina

Character Type:Shinigami

Character Description:Unlike other Shinigamis,she doesn't wear a hood.She takes an appearance of a human she killed.The instant kill magic she has takes away a bit of her life each time she uses it.She has some other magic abilities that she doesn't know about.
Taken form:

Real form:

Character Personality:Cold-Hearted,Serious at times,Quiet,Withdrawn.She has another side to her that she hardly reveals.

Basic Abilities:Controlling Elements and summoning spirits.

Special Abilities:Controlling death and summoning magic.Instant kill magic.

Weaknesses:,Vulnerable to people who have feelings for her,Fainting easily(not sure whether this is considered a weakness)

Character Weapons:Scythe,Musical Box

Weapon Description:
Scythe-Has a sharp tip and gleams.It can talk too.
Musical Box-Can be use for both good and bad uses.

Weapon Weakness:
Scythe-Vulnerable to Fumina.
Musical Box-Water

Character Background:Her background was very traumatic background.Her parents were killed before her eyes when she was young.She ran away with a small musical box.She became very withdrawn ever since that incident.She live in the moutains to run away from people who was hunting her.She is normally seen at the top of a moutain holding a violin.She has a phsically weak body and has some emotional problems.
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27 / F / Canada, eh?
Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/30/08
Character Name: Asha

Character Type: Shapeshifter

Character Description:

-Human form:Long dark hair and bright blue eyes. Usually in full Kimono

-Wolf form: Black/Blue with Bright Blue eyes. Fairly large.

Character Personality: Quiet and calculating, she seems to be hostile and aggressive.

Basic Abilities: Transformation -she is able to take the shape of a wolf whenever she desires.

Special Abilities:

Heightened Senses -She has the heightened senses of a wolf even when in human form. In wolf form she has enhanced speed and strength.

Howl -In battle she can howl to summon other wolves to fight with her.

Weaknesses: When injured it becomes difficult to transform, thus she must remain in whatever form she is in until she recovers.

Character Weapons:

-Human form: A katana and a magic flute.

-Wolf form: Fangs, Claws

Weapon Description:

-Katana: it's a basic well-rounded Katana made for battle.

-Flute: When played, it's sound is hypnotizing and can cause sleep, paralysis, hallucination or death (weaker foes) depending on the song.

-Fangs and Claws: They're sharper than those of a regular wolf.

Weapon Weakness:

-Katana: Only useful in close combat

-Flute: Can only be used once per battle.

-Fangs and Claws: Only useful in close combat.

Character Background: Her earliest memory is drenched in blood. She remembers standing in a room in wolf form with chains on her paws and blood everywhere. Bodies, lining the white sterile room were mangled and clawed to bits. As she stood panting, she saw that only an animal could have done animal like her. She ran out of the room and down countless hallways, all of which were white and sterile, until she found a room with a narrow window. She squeezed through it and fell many feet into a river. At that point she passed out and woke up on shore far down stream. She transformed into human form and walked away, vowing never to return to that place overlooking the river ever again.

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Posted 12/29/08 , edited 1/2/09
Character Name: Sirus Rekin

Character Type: Pure Blood Vampire

Character Description : Has Black Hair an one eye is balck an the other one is hazel wears a black trench jacket with weird designs on it. black belt around his neck with a crest hanging from it. caries two swords around with him .

First form :

Second form purple hair red eyes an black wings

Character Personilty: Nice,Funny,Calm,mean an has no heart in battle,romantic,sweet,evil,sad,

Basic Abilites : Shapeshift ( allows him to turn into any animal or person he wants to )

Special Abilites:

Telekinetic ; allows him to moves stuff with his mind an do what he wants with it

Demon Form : turns into his true form an is super fast an more power in strength and can fly

Darkness Speed : the power to hide in the shadows an come out of the shadows or make his shadow come to life an fight someone

Character Weakness: Sunlight an Holy water or anything holy or Blessed

Character Weapons: Souless Katana an a DarkEdge Katana

Soul Less Katana

DarkEdge Katana

Weapon Description: both blades are sharp an very light to hold but they also can shapeshift into two wolfs
the second blade has fire around it .

The first wolf name Soul

The Second wolf name Dark

Weapon Weakness: if the user goes intto demon forn the swords turn back into theree wolf forms

Character Background: He was the son of Dracula an his faher wanted nothing to do with him so he lock his son in the Dugeon an his son was beat an torture for years and for only happyness he felt was when father had music playing the boy could hear it an would sing to it it made him think that the only reaason why is father didnt want him because he wasnt cold hearted like his father and his brothers and sisters he didnt want to fight no one all we every wanted to do was read book an write in his journel kust be normal but he wasnt normal he was far from it. so the years he been down in the dugeon he was training to fight an use his powers his father woud feed him all type of animals an humans but his son only like one type of blood and it would be a females blood only. so hi father got tired of him an order his elite vampires to kill his son an get rid of him forever but sirus Killed 15 pure blood vampire an drain them dry by sucking all there blood from them . he knew then that he had to kill his father to become the lord of vampires buthe needed more time to do so . he trained everyday fighting an killing demons an dragons all type of creatues to become more powerful. he heard there were two wolfs that he had to find there names were Soul and Dark they had the power of elements an can shapeshift ino two powerful blades. so h went to find these wolfs an when he did he had to go through a test that last for 3 years of training the Body and mind to prove to them he was there master an powerful enough to controll them. 3 years past an he was faster and stronger rthen ever and with the wolfs under his controll he knew that he was ready to fight his fther but what he did not know when he got to the castle his father was dead an the whole castle of vampires were slaughter every last vampire there was killed with blessed arrows through them an there heads cut off. he didnt care about revenge and who did it now he found out he is free soul to walk through the world but some vampires are alive an some want pledge there alligence to him an some will follow there prince of the vampires to the grave . He found out a Hunter name Van Hellsing killed his father an there were more hunter that kill vampires and all sort of creatures trained warriors to wipe out the races of the other creatures and make sure there is no evil left in this world of theres. but he didnt care because he will bring back the vampires an make sure they dont die this time like his stupid father did.
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F / tsuki
Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/31/08
Character Name: misaki Rekin

Character Type: Vampire

Character Description : has siver hair and red eyes red dress with black around it and roses in her hair.

first form:

Second form blond hair with a black bow and purpple eyes

Character Personilty: nice, cute, sweet

Basic Abilities: transforms into a little girl when she needs to

Special Abilites: reads peoples mind, (when she is a little girl form.)

Character Weakness: sunlight if she not in her little girl form.

Character Weapon: magic

Weapon Description: light magic and dark magic

Weapon Weakness: a very powerfull pendent.

Character Background: when misaki was little she was alway alone, she had to get stronger by herself. she wishes she had one that cared about her. she always end up finding other vampires that what her power so she always had to protect herslef no matter where she went. Her mom and dad lefted her and what nothing to do with her because she was different.
Posted 12/30/08 , edited 1/2/09
Character Name: Drasilla

Character Type: Pureblood Vampire

Character Description: Long Purple Hair and Green Eyes

Character Personality: Kind,nice, caring, sweet but sometimes can be coldhearted

Basic Abilities: Speed, super strengh, transport

Special Abilities: Reading minds,Telekinetic

Character Weapons: Blood Sword

Characters Weakness: soul less sword

Weapon Weakness: Powerful sword

Character Background: Comes from a noble family of pureblood vampire, brought up to be the next head of family and to protect humans even if they don't like her.

When not fighting;

When fighting:
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26 / M / philly, PA
Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/31/08
Character Name:Black

Character Type:Shape-shifter

Character Description:has white hair, has a sword and two guns

this is his the forum he like the most he has many forum

Character Personality:he loves to fight but if he have to he might save a life, kind to people who is kind to him, and he is kinda of a loner

Basic Abilities:he fight with hand to hand combat good and he is a master swords men

Special Abilities:he can run fast and can fly he can control lighting

Weaknesses: water, and his right Keene

Character Weapons:one sword and two guns

Weapon Description: the sword always has lighting around it and the guns shot lighting

Weapon Weakness: water

Character Background:
He comes from a family of Shape-shifters that have lived for 1,000s of years but they where hunt down and killed but over 100 of them went underground. he was one of a few that try to fight back but all of his followers was killed in the last battle. after that he just walked around for years to find his true calling and still walks today
Posted 12/31/08 , edited 1/2/09
Character Name:Chaos

Character Type:Warrior of darkness

Character Description:born in darkness,loves darkness,feeds on darkness

Character Personality:Grows a wing when angry

Basic Abilities:Sword skills

Special Abilities:25 slash combo,Sliding slash,Dark Aura,Dark Shield,Soul Eater

Weaknesses:The door of light

Character Weapons:a Sword Call Soul Eater

Weapon Description:sword of Darkness

Weapon Weakness:Teletubbies

Character Background:nothing known much about him
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27 / F / Canada, eh?
Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/2/09

khnarutofan400 wrote:

Character Name:Chaos

Character Type:Warrior of darkness

Character Description:born in darkness,loves darkness,feeds on darkness

Character Personality:Grows a wing when angry

Basic Abilities:Sword skills

Special Abilities:25 slash combo,Sliding slash,Dark Aura,Dark Shield,Soul Eater

Weaknesses:The door of light

Character Weapons:a Sword Call Soul Eater

Weapon Description:sword of Darkness

Weapon Weakness:none

Character Background:none

Please include a Weapon Weakness and a Character Background. (It doesn't have to be much.) Thank you .:)
Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/20/09
Character Name:Christine(Last name unknown)

Character Type:Gallaux Lupus(new specie of werewolf)There is a theory that a few humans were created from wolves.The first human created from a wolf was a girl who was Kainen's(son of adam and eve)wife.Because of this there have been some wolves that could take the form of human and live amonst them.They were thought to be wiped out,but rumour has it that a few had come back riencarnated as humans and just don't remember their past so they can't chnage back to their true forms.Bu there are very few who can tranform back into their wolf forms,without their mind remembering.They are called Gallaux Lupus,and have been mistakingly classified by both humans and other creatures as another new species of werewolf.Their numbers are small but they are very good fighters.I am one of those few.

Character Description:Dark Brown Hair,wears stylish but comfortable clothing,doesn't like snesless battles,and hates racism.Kills bad creatures,spars the good ones.When in wolf form has snow white fur,and golden yellow eyes.Is friends with Sirus Rekin

Character Personality:Sometimes rarely shows emotion,Kind-hearted,doesn't like taking sides,wishes for humans,vampires,and werewolves to coexist.Bold,and brave,but also shy.

Basic Abilities:Sees future in dreams

Special Abilities:Transform into a wolf,in human form can make nails grow and be used as daggers,super strength,and has speed of wolf,and can see in the dark.

Weaknesses:Scarred of slow painful death,children,kind heart sometimes gets in the way.

Character Weapons:Main is2 guns with silver bullets,other weapons,katana,her claws and teath,throwing knives,and Dragonov SVD(sniper rifle)

Weapon Description:The firt gun is named Kamui.It is both black and silver,and has a cross engraved on the side.It kills Vampires.The second one is Vante a gun able to kill demons and werewolves of any species

Weapon Weakness:Vante,doesn't give much damage on Lycan as on the other werewolf species.Kamui,can be destroyed by Lava

Character Background:In Christine's past life she was a wolf known as Kiba who had the magical ability to take the form of a human.Her past life is sketchy but all she remembers is fighting this one evil wolf that killed all her comrads,and somehow with the last of her strength before she died she saved the world.She came back riencarnated as a human girl,and the first half of her life was perfect but then turned into a living hell,as her parents mentally and emotionally abused her,and she was betrayed by her best friends when she told them what she really was,shuned by society she ran off with one of her friends to start a new life.Now she is a Human girl at the age of 15,and had stumbled amongst the world of Lycans and vampires,and her powers have finally awakened.

Human Form:

Wolf Form:
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24 / F / in your dreams
Posted 7/26/09 , edited 7/26/09
Character Name: Yuki Koshimura

Character Type: Shape-Shifter but she can only shape shift into other girls

Character Description: Depends on the girl form she uses but usually long brown hair, purpilish eyes, love the water so is usually in a bathing suit
regular form

fighting form

Character Personality: is very kind, sweet and really hates confrontation. only fights if its nessecary and if it is then she shapesshifts into a very powerful person

Basic Abilities: she can shapeshift into any woman... also nekos

Special Abilities: she can control the element water... especially snow

Weaknesses: her heart

Character Weapons: the element water, and her bare hands

Weapon Description: her hands and any form of water

Weapon Weakness: no water around or if she's sleepy or wounded she can't fight

Character Background: she was abandoned at the age of 5, she shapeshifted into a 16 year old girl for the first time so she could get a job and try to survive, she has fallen in love and had her heart broken as the result, she would never fight if absolutly nessacery, if she does she is one of the most deadly people alive
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