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Posted 2/4/09 , edited 2/4/09
can i have the Shugo Chara, Little Ami
i can edit the picture on my own.....

sure, go ahead ^^

but i can't edit this two.

could you help me?

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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/8/09
To order, choose from the sets below and fill out the form:
for avis/ icons/ banners/ dividers (if needed)

for theme prof.
name (if required)- Cherry-chan
title- Pkge one - Little Green Fairy
text- About me:

~ My Motto ~

" No Matter What Happens Between Us, I Will Love You Until The Last Moment Of My Life With Fragments Of Hope. "

~ My Personality ~

Name- Kurosu_YukixKuran_Kaname

Age- Well, i am not too old and not too young, how old am I? ^^

Ambition- Let see, i mostly like to relax and i totally don't know what my ambition is until I'm old enough...

Date of Birth- 2nd October

~ My Faves in Year 2009 ~

Food- Sushi but I don't like raw fish such as Salmon, Octopus and Snail

Drink- Water, Fruit Juice and Japanese Green Tea

Songs- Forever Love, Love In the Ice, White X'Mas, New Classic, Bang A Drum, Just That Girl, Everytime We Touch, Miracle and more...

Movie- Another Cinderella Story OST, A Cinderella Story, Princess Protection Program, Camp Rock, The Princess Diaries, Twilight, Step Up, Narnia and High School Musical(Not Really)

Band- DBSK, Super Junior, Hey! Say Jump! and Kat-Tun

Singer- Cascada

Actress and Actresses- Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and many more...

Colour- Light Pink and Baby Blue


1. Please be good to my buddies and my Crunchyroll family.
2. Please do not copy my avatars or my profile themes.
3. Have fun and enjoy yourself..^^

Err~ Can the colour scheme be edited..? Thanks~^^

(repeat this for other subjects, i.e. About me, rules, best friends, etc.)
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