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If you could be apart of a anime like world would you?
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28 / F / ♥スカズデイル、ニューヨーク♥
Posted 1/10/09 , edited 1/11/09

ydnarb-werewolf wrote:

Ichigo-Neko wrote:

Crap >3< I was gonna do this thread once I had enough points, but now I know it's a duplicate. Why does everyone always go so crazy over dupes? But I'd want to be in Pokemon xD I mean, who DOESN'T want an animal with super powers? XD

i agree with you on both accounts. WHY DOES EVERYONE CARE ABOUT DUPES? It's not like it's so hard to post your opinion again. or just ignore it. And i would like to be in Pokemon as well. i want to catch Lucario.

Dx I know, it's so annoying, does it really matter if two people express their opinions? I want a Raichu x3 Pikachu's name is weird, who wants a Pokemon's name be "Sparkly Mwah" which is basically the American equivalent of Pikachu's meaning.
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24 / M / Brunei
Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
I think Hayate No Gotoku or Hayate The Combat Butler.Best would be mix with all nice animes or all animes.I am praying that I will go to the Anime World.
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