Have ya seen d' 1st Filipino Anime?
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Posted 12/27/08
Lamination or LaMB is the first filipino kick-S anime...

LaMB is Animax's first original production in High Definition, and "promises to revolutionize the entire entertainment experience via how content is delivered and marketed to consumers". Encompassing a series of multi-platform, multi-disciplinary, and multi-media activities that revolves around the launch of the movie on Animax, LaMB aims to redefine the entire entertainment experience for consumers from pre-premiere to post-premiere of the film in a campaign expected to last at least six months. The film is based on a screenplay entitled Laminated Woman: To the Sand Planet Cerra by Carmelo S. J. Juinio, a Filipino entrant of the 2007 Animax Award competition. Its release is considered by Animax to be an example of the industry potential of user generated content. The plot features a futuristic prison system in which prisoners, the titular "LaMB"s, are sealed in personal containment systems known as "laminated suits" and used for labor.

Canadian band Simple Plan's I Can Wait Forever is to be the title track for LaMB, while American band The Click Five's song Summertime is also to be featured in the film. Animax Asia and Peach Blossom Media are to produce music videos for both songs, which will premiere on Animax across Asia and online in December 2008.

So.. what do ya think of this anime???

this is the official website of this anime.... http://www.animax-lamb.com/
Posted 12/27/08
wait . . . LamB was made by philippines?

haha, oh wow
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Posted 12/27/08
looks interesting ill have to look it up
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Posted 12/27/08 , edited 12/27/08
dont double post.........

edit: nice now thats a decent anime
Posted 12/28/08
Repeated thread

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