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Posted 12/27/08
I know I'm going to be hated by a lot of Twilight lovers out there, but I just thought I would have a say in things. I seriously love Twilight. I was once one of those crazy obsessed girls who screamed at everything Twilight-related. I eventually got over. But it took me like 8 months? Hehe...

But even though I am a true fan of Twilight I sometimes get annoyed by all the attention it's getting. The book and movie is great, but does it really have to be everywhere? On almost every girl's myspace or aim profile, there's always something Twilight-related. Going to the mall and seeing big groups of fan girls wearing Twilight t-shirts. Every time I go on Youtube, something Twilight-related is always on the promoted videos place. When I'm searching up a song or a piano song, there's always people commenting "OMG! This song would be great for Twilight!" I used to see comments saying "Yeah yeah I love Twilight too, but it's getting too much attention." I used to laugh and say "Haha well Twilight deserves all that attention!" But now I guess I'm getting annoyed at seeing it everywhere.

What do you guys think of this? Do you like Twilight being every single place you go? Seeing the book everywhere? Please no bad comments, I'm just saying how I feel. People who have just recently been introduced to Twilight, you probably might not really get what I'm saying. I know that if I was recently introduced to the books and was loving them, I would think a person was crazy to post up a topic of Twilight being annoying.
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Posted 12/28/08
LOL Since i just GOT addited to twilight, i think it will take some time before i understand your feeling LOL

But i find it funny how people get PROPER obssessed like wearing a twilight T-Shirt etc etc.

However its cool to see so many supports for Twilight!

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