Autumn Spring
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Posted 12/28/08
Note: It alternates point of view from Kibum to Sungmin. It goes back and forth. I hope you like this story. It's my second story so far XD
Autumn Spring

~The moment he came into my life was the moment it started…~
The first time I met Lee Sungmin was during my junior year in the autumn….

“Kibum-ah, let’s go shopping!” She tugged at my arm.
“You’re out to steal my money aren’t you, Ae-cha?” I sighed
“Of course, but as your girlfriend, you have to take me!”
“Have you forgotten we have school?”
“Let’s ditch.”
“Okay, then when my parents find out, my allowance will be reduced by 75%.”
“Never mind then, let’s go to school!”
She grabbed my arm and started walking. She smiled like I was a showcase object. All the girls whispered and shared rumors. I pretended not to hear, but it was hard since they were so loud.
“Since when were they together?”
“I don’t know…but the Kim Kibum fan club is going to freak.”
“I feel sorry for Kim Kibum, she’s such a gold digger…”
I sighed, so much for me staying out of the spotlight. The first time I met her, she was with her parents and I was with mine. Our parents encouraged us to get together. One thing led to another and now we’re together. We started dating during the summer and now it’s a new school year…
“Don’t you love being in your second year of high school? I feel so powerful…” She smiled
We walked in silence the rest of the way. Suddenly someone slapped me on my back.
“Hey! Oh! Hyung!”
“Kibum-ah! How was your summer?” The long haired boy asked.
“Good. How was yours?”
“Awesome! Eh! You’re with Lee Ae-Cha?”
“Yes he is, Kim Heechul.” Ae-Cha cut in.
Heechul glared at her, probably hoping she would get struck down by lightening.

~Love is meaningless without passion…~
I played with my fingers nervously. My mother eyed me through the rear view mirror with concern.
“Are you nervous? I mean this is your first time not being home-schooled.”
“I am, but I’m excited too.”
“I’m scared…what if your dis – “
“Umma, I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Okay, I just wanted to make sure…”
“Thank you for worrying.”
“Well, you are my only baby.”
My umma dropped me off and I walked, trying not to attract attention.
~Love is when nothing, not even lust, can sway you…~
“Hey Kibum-ah.”
“What hyung?”
“Why are you with that gold digger?”
“I don’t know…my parents and her parents share stock for her parent’s company so I guess they wanted friendly relations.”
“No offense, but she is annoying.” Heechul said with disgust.
The bell rang and we all sat in our seats. The teacher walked in and set his briefcase on his desk.
“Rise.” The classroom leader said.
“Good morning, teacher.” The whole class said while standing and bowed.
“Good morning.”
“Sit.” The classroom teacher said.
“Okay class, today a new student is going to come. Oh, there he is.”
I didn’t look up because I thought it was pointless, but then I heard his voice. His voice was quiet but it sounded like a melody. At that moment, my heart skipped a beat.
“Kim Kibum.” The teacher said again.
“Oh, yes?” I looked up startled.
“Mr. Lee, please sit next to Mr. Kim.”
He walked slowly to her seat and sat down. I couldn’t stop looking at him…what is wrong with me?

~Is one sided love even love?~
Why is he staring at me? Do I have something in my hair? I mustered up enough courage to ask.
“Um…is there anything in my hair?”
“Oh no!” he said in surprise.
“Kim Kibum, since you seem to know Lee Sungmin, you two will be partners.” The teacher said.
“Yes, sir.” He mumbled.
He turned to face me and I got a good look at him. He looked gorgeous like a model. No wonder I heard a girl groan when he and I were partners.
“Hi my name is Kim Kibum.”
“What’s your name?”
“Lee Sungmin.”
We finished our work and had a couple of minutes left before class was over.
“So, Lee Sungmin, what do you like?”
I was about to answer, but the bell rang and I got up and left before he could say anything.

~Will you love me even if I don’t wake up?~
“Kibum-ah, that was the first time I have ever seen you try to talk to a new student.” Heechul eyed suspiciously.
“He was my partner so I have to talk to her.” I said casually.
“Well, you never asked me what I like.” Heechul said and pretended to pout.
“Wow hyung. First you’re Cinderella, now you’re a stalker!”
“Yeah, I know what you had for breakfast.”
“Really? What is it?”
I punched him in the arm lightly and he returned it.
“Kibum-ah ~”
“Oh, Ae-Cha.”
“Since school is over, do you want to go shopping?”
“Uh – “
“Let’s go!” She dragged me out of the classroom
“Bye hyung.” I said to Heechul

~Is love like a game where you can push the reset button?~
It felt so good to be alive! Nature is so vivid and lively. I took a stroll at the park and found a beautiful, old tree and sat underneath it. I took out my new sketchbook and started sketching the first thing on my mind. Hmm…need to find a topic…”So, Lee Sungmin, what do you like?” His voice became crystal clear in my head. Kim Kibum. I sketched my drawing with his face still in my head. It was maddening. Why can’t he leave my mind?
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24 / F / Perth, Western Au...
Posted 12/28/08
hey guys! ae cha is kibum's gf! ae cha and sungmin are different..
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