Autumn Spring Chapter 2
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~Can Love be bought with sweet words~
“Kibum-ah, which looks better on me?” Ae-Cha asked me, holding up two tank tops.
“I don’t know.”
“Okay, let’s take both!”
After she had finished shopping, I was already carrying 10 bags. Chanel. Gucci. Louis Vouitton. Von Dutch. Coach. How much stuff does a woman need?
“Kibum-ah, thanks for buying all these clothes and bags for me. I love you.”
“Are you okay?”
“I’m just tired.”
“Well do you want to take a walk in the park?”
“I’d rather just – “
“Come on!” She started yanking my arm until I gave in.
We started walking past and then I saw Lee Sungmin sitting underneath the tree. I had the urge to walk over there for some reason. But I couldn’t walk over there with Ae-Cha next to me.
“I’m not feeling so well so I’m just going to go home.”
“I’ll walk with you.”
“NO! I mean, don’t you have ballet lessons soon?”
“Oh right! I better go!” She grabbed her bags and called for a taxi. When she was finally gone, I walked over to the tree he was sitting under.
“Hey.” No response. I looked closer and saw he was asleep. My face was so close to his soft lips. I edged closer and closer. Suddenly he opened his eyes and I fell back. Trying to appear calm and composed, though my heart was pounding and my mind was spinning like a tornado.
“Kim Kibum?”
“Oh yea! I was just taking a stroll and I thought I would go and talk to you…”
“So I see you like to draw.” I picked up the leather bound sketch pad and felt the cover.
“Is it new?”
I slowly lifted the cover to see the first drawing. Out of nowhere, he closed it and the only thing I saw was the date: 9/13.
“Sorry, I have to get home.” He got up and ran, leaving me lost. I decided to go home after sitting there for a moment. Why did I want to kiss him…

~You played hide and seek, but I finally found you~
I ran home and closed the door. I leaned on the door panting and tired. My mother came out of the kitchen to greet me. She saw me leaning there and looked concerned.
“Sungmin, you shouldn’t wear yourself out. You have asthma and on top of that, you have – “
“I’m fine umma, really. I just wanted a little exercise.”
“Don’t wear yourself out.”
“I won’t.”
“Dinner will be ready soon.” She headed towards the kitchen once more and I went up the stairs into my bedroom.
I set down my things and looked at the sketchbook. I opened it and looked at my first drawing and smiled.
“Sungmin. Dinner.” My umma shouted.

~If I can find you, will you be able to find me?~
I walked into my house and the butler was waiting for me.
“Hello young master.” The butler greeted.
“Hey, where are my parents?”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Master and Mistress had some business to take care of.”
“So in other words, they’re not coming home for dinner.”
“Very sorry.” He repeated with his head bowed down.
I left the parlor and ate dinner alone in the dining hall for the fifth time this week. I went up to my bedroom and took a shower, allowing the water to wash away all my sadness.

~Sleep my love while I protect you from the darkness…~
“Sungmin, are you okay? You’re not eating much.”
“I’m fine umma.”
“Okay. So how was your day?”
“Fine. Umma, I’m going to go do my work now.”
I went up to do my work, but all I could think of was Kim Kibum…

~When you arise, I’ll be here to greet you with love…~
What time is it? Why is my cell phone ringing so much…? Can’t I sleep?!
“Hello.” I said weakly.
“Kibum! Wake up!”
“Yeah! So hurry up!”
I changed and stepped out of the door just to see a limo parked in front. Ae-cha stepped out and smiled.
“Kibum, do you like our ride to school?”
“No, I’m going to walk.”
“But – “
I walked and she grabbed my arm.
“Why are you like this, Kibum?”
“Like what?”
“Like mean…”
I couldn’t stand it any longer. I exploded.
“Mean?! Rejecting your proposal of riding in a limo is mean?! Well aren’t you the bratty princess!” I ran off and walked by myself, ignoring Ae-cha for the first time.
When I was near the school, I saw Lee Sungmin walking and a smile lit on my face.
“Lee Sungmin.”
“Eh? Oh, hello.”
“Is it okay if I walk with you?”
“So which school did you go to before here?”
“Oh, I was homeschooled.”
“Really?! Are you rich?”
“No, I just have a weak body.”
“Kibum-ah!” A boy shouted.
“Oh, hyung!”
“Whose this? Is he a boy in our class?”
“Yeah. Lee Sungmin, this is Kim Heechul, the heir to a huge corporation. Hyung, this is Lee Sungmin.”
Heechul greeted him and saw some pretty girls.
“Kibum, I got to go, I have a sudden urge for flowers.”
“Oh, okay bye.” Heechul ran off to talk to the girls, leaving me alone with Sungmin.
“Flowers?” Sungmin broke the silence.
“Yeah, flowers like girls.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from him.” I spitted out. Crap! Why did I say that?!
“Eh? Oh, thank you…”
“Kim Kibum!” An angry girl shouted.
Suddenly everyone turned to look at her.
“Whose this trash?” She pointed at Sungmin.
“He is not trash. His name is Lee Sungmin.”
“Whatever. You! Why are you walking with my boyfriend?”
“Your boyfriend?” Sungmin asked confused.
“So you never told him?” Ae-cha turned to face me.
“Didn’t think it was necessary.”
“How dare you! Lee Sungmin, you better watch your step! Let’s go Kibum.” She dragged me away from Sungmin and led me to an empty place behind the gym.
“Kibum, we need to talk.”
“Yeah we do.”
“You go first.”
“No, you go.”
“I forgive you.” She said.
“Let’s break up.” I said at the same time.
“What?”She asked shocked.
“I’m sorry, but this isn’t working.”
Isighed. “Other than asking me to accompany you shopping, have you ever asked about my feelings or taken them into consideration?”
“I – “
“We’re just too different. You’ll be better off with someone else.”
“I love you.”
“I’m sorry, but I can’t return those feelings.” I walked away.
“It’s Lee Sungmin isn’t it?”
“What?” I turned around.
“You love him don’t you?”
“I – “ Slap. I looked at her face which was filled with tears.
“Kim Kibum, I hate you!” She ran off crying and I sat down. I touched my left cheek. Did I really like Lee Sungmin? Do I love him?
i hope you guys enjoy this chapter!! XD
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Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
I will be posting chapter 3 tom.
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