Do you know this drama?!
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Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
There's this drama that's been PESTERING me. I watched it WAY before I knew what was Korean from what was Japan and stuff so I can't be sure on whether it's Korean or Japanese. Or even Taiwanese or Chinese. However, I'm betting it's Korean since it seems melodramatic...
What I remember of the plot:
Guy. Has a [fat & unattractive?] ex-girlfriend who when he sees her dead [this was weird...comical was it?] he faints. He then has amnesia...
He meets some girl [how?] and they fall in love [I think she reminded him of his ex-girlfriend, not sure HOW in the world...].
Whenever he comes close to her e.g. to kiss her, he gets amnesia.
His episodic amnesia happens all the time but the girl still loves him...
I think her parents didn't approve of their relationship...thought it was too much for the girl to handle...
He tried to remember her by putting photos of her in his room, plastering it EVERYWHERE...
The girl also performed on stage [wearing red...?]
And that's all I remember...I think.
I wanted to see that drama again perhaps so yeah...
PS: Sorry if it's some common drama whose plot I didn't pay attention to XP...
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it's not a drama it' a movie....
i've watched it but i forgot the name as welll.....
as far as i know it's is a chinese or a hk movie

sorry I wasn't of much help
but i'll try to find it out
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this sounds like the english movie: 50 first dates


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Can someone help me with this pleasseee.... I watched it halfway and want to continue the show then realise i forgot the title.

This drama is about a girl who is a young actress, her mom disappear, supposely to hollywood. And the left her with her brother(Step-brother i think) who dislikes her. The brother althought disagree to the arrangement initially ends up living with the girl and her agent. Oh, and the brother is working as a journalist and got conned when trying to publish his own book. So end up the news of the young actress is the daughter of the mom(also is actress) is published and the brother came up with an even better article to try to ease things abit and let people knows the real her. And think after that they discover the agent, who is there for the young girl all along is the dad although they always thought her dad is dead.

Thank you thank you...
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