Park Min Young's cyworld
Posted 12/28/08
Park Min Young's cyworld
Posted 12/28/08
Park Min Young Ceci Photoshoot 2008.11.07

Park Min Young posted two new photos on her Cyworld earlier this morning and are speculated to be from her Ceci photoshoot taken last month.



i think of you~over and over

all the series of clashes daily

You…him it’s still me

If it’s like that, it’s gonna be really heavy

leave it (worries) and let’s go.

nice to meet you, dear .. ♥



Smiling is in our hearts
A present that’s more precious than anything else
I want to give this present to the person I want to give to

This is my present!

credits to coolsmurf
Posted 12/28/08
Park Min Young Cyworld Updates 081214


Our drama’s first episode will air next Feb.
I’m the youngest who is working hard to follow orders.^^
With the bright new year and the outfit, I will show you Princess Nakrang.
Pleae anticipate the show a lot!

Hum….. The scene where I go to sleep.
In place of that, I can’t move
So I have to fall into a shallow sleep but..
I’m in the middle of shooting an M/V (Haru Haru)
where I cry and sniffle a lot.

Hum….. swimming? Tanning?
let me see.. what else? Hehehe

Ceci magazine photoshoots

credits to coolsmurf & gomdorii
Posted 12/28/08
Park Min Young Cyworld Updates 081219


My goal for 2009

I have already set my goal for next year.
Most important thing is not resting,
but to work really hard haha ^^
2008 is a year where I really, I really felt ashamed (doing nothing much)
but, with the passing of time, I also gained valuable experience
I hope for changes, and that is my acting can go up a notch
and be known by more people


Fresh morning air


Miraclously, I am feeling great.
Although words can describe how happy or depressed I am,
but photos can show the real me without modifications at any time.
and that is my smile.
my smile that is full of radiant cells!

credits to coolsmurf
Posted 12/28/08

“Another challenge. The girl Ra Hee, Princess Nak Rang who is sprinting towards me in 2009.”

credits to coolsmurf
Posted 1/15/09

It was not on purpose
but because of the fighting scenes
the fats on my cheeks which seemed immovable has disappeared without a trace
Wa yeah… :)
But compared to that, something else made me happier
The things that I have learnt from this filming
time to wake up, and improve myself further



Warrior girl, Princess Nak Rang

Although known as the princess who carries and fight with double swords, I also occasionally carry just the single sword in battles…

Someone (Princess Nak Rang) who possesses exceptional fighting skills…
but it’s definitely not Park Min Young…

Gentle and sweet Princess Nak Rang

Kind of awkward for her (Princess Nak Rang) to be carrying a radiant smile

It’s really hurting once you get into the role.

The benefit in being a princess is…
able to wear beautiful hanboks.

Princess Nak Rang and her sister Princess Ja Myung

With pretty Ryeo Won unnie.

Welcome to Nang-nang guk (their nation).

The epic love story of Prince Ho Dong and Princess Nak Rang

With Ho Dong (character name), Kyung Ho oppa

credits to coolsmurf
Posted 2/26/09
I .. - 2009.01.18

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goooood. - 2009.02.24

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Hi. - 2009.02.24

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