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Post Reply ~Roleplay~
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/31/08
Begin roleplaying after i approve it:3 have fun
Posted 12/28/08
*Zhen walks towards the TV Station where shes preforming tonight*
*looks at station*

Zhen:Huh..Weird looking
*walks inside*
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
*Utau was in her disguise in the park singing*

(Note" This is not how she is singing it's jjust her disguise x3)
Posted 12/28/08

(gomenaixD i was away and frogot to log out)
Posted 12/28/08

Winterroselove wrote:

(gomenaixD i was away and frogot to log out)

(Its ok xDD)
Posted 12/28/08
*Zhen walks inside and heads towards changing room and comes out*

Director:Black Butterfly!there you are~!Your a min early!
Zhen/Black Butterfly:I was changing...-_-
Director:O~!!!Ok i see~Now come my darlying Butterfly time for you to perform in front of people,the Times Square TV,and other tvs around the world~~Ohohoho~
*Directors start walking/skipping away*
Zhen/Black Butterfly:Ehh...
Posted 12/28/08
*Utau looked at the time and saw she had to perform at Times Square with a girl. She ran to her house and got change*
Posted 12/28/08
Video Man:Alright!n 5!4!3!2!And Action!
Host:Welcome everyone to....
Everyone:World Wide Tv!!!!
Host:Thats Right^^~Today we ahve the number one Intrusmtental player^^BLACK BUTTERFLY!!!
Zhen/Black Butterfly:*puts violin up*
*starts playing*(MwuahahaxDyou msut know this is you watch shugo chara)
Posted 12/28/08
*Utau runs to the place and decides to change into Dark Diamond*

*When Zhen finishes the song then the Host starts to talk*

Host: Wonderful Black Butterfly!
Now we have our hottest idol ever since the age of 2....

*Utau walks in and sits down*
Posted 12/28/08
Zhen/Black Butterfly:*walks off stage*
Posted 12/28/08
Host: Ok! Black Diamond, also known as Utau please sing one of your songs!

*Utau starts to sing*
Posted 12/28/08
Zhen/Black Butterfly:Shes good....
Posted 12/28/08
*Utau finishes the song and she puts the microphone on the table*

Host: Black butterfly please come back out! =D
We are now going to ask some questions!
Posted 12/28/08
Zhen/Black Butterfly:Ehh....
*walks up*
Posted 12/28/08
Host: Ok! =D
*He takes out a postcard*
This is to Black Butterfly.
What is your favorite violin song?
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