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Post Reply ~Roleplay~
Posted 12/28/08
Zhen/Black Butterfly:This song~But its very sad
*picks Viloin up and plays*
Posted 12/28/08
Host: It is sad...
*He picks out another card*
This is to Utau.
What kind of family do you have?

Utau: I really don't have a family..
My mom and dad died in an accident and my sister died from a disease.
My sister was really good at making songs, so I remember them really well.

Host: Can we listen to one?

Utau: Of course...

*She starts to sing*
Posted 12/28/08
Zhne/Black Butterfly:Pretty^^
Posted 12/28/08
*Utau finishes the song and smiles*

Utau: Thxs! =D

Host: *Pulls out another postcard*
This is to both of you.
How you two ever thought about making a team together?
Since you two are really good, it would make a good team!
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
Zhen/Black Butterfly:I never thought since I had to focuse on the Violin,being busy with practice,concerts,and phototshoots and stuff like that so I really had no time to think~
Posted 12/28/08
Utau: Same here, but shes right. It would be a great team! =D
Posted 12/28/08
*tosses hair*
Zhen/Black Butterfly:Pif~Whatever~I dont really care~(she has this kind of attitude)
Posted 12/28/08
Host: Wow.. I didn't know Black Butterfly had a personality like this...
Well! That ends out show! =D

~The camera crew turns off the cameras*

Utau: Bleh~ Its finally done! T_T
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
*tosses hair again*
Zhen/Black Butterfly:Whatever Glad tis over I hate acting like that Ja~
*leaves stage*
Posted 12/28/08
*Utau followes her*

Utau: Same here T_T
Posted 12/28/08
*goes towards snack table*
*grabs water and drinks it*
Zhen:That was a pain~
*turns towards Utau*
Zhne:Im Zhen~
Posted 12/28/08
Utau: Im Utau~.
Your violin is really good BTW.
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
Zhen:Thanks your singing is great too~
Posted 12/28/08
Utu: Thxs. x3 About the question before have you given any thought?
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
Zhen:I dont really care~All I care is playing the violin~I got famous for my violin playing...So if you want to im ok with it jsut as long as I can play the violin
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