Vampire Knight and Twilight Comparisons
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F / inyourclosetyeahhs
Posted 12/28/08
So I've seen on the wall that Twilight and Vampire Knight (both seasons together) are alike. But how so?

Not asking which you prefer more.

Warning for those who aren't far in both series: there may be spoilers!, so don't get mad if you find something out that you didn't want to know.


Deals with vampires
Human girl that vampires are protecting (season 1)
Human girl gets turned into vampire
Trying to get humans and vampires to be able to live in the same environment
Vampires are "vegetarians"
Get bitten to get turned into vampire


Humans and vampires aren't seperated
Yuuki was a vampire but her powers were sealed
Turn into level E when bitten, unless drink pureblood's blood
Certain types of vampires (A B C D E, etc.)
Still protect Yuuki when transformed into vampire


Yuuki: Bella
Of course it's that way. They are both main characters. humans turned into vampires, both clumsy at times, beautiful.
Kaname: Edward/Jacob
In a jam, I don't know what to think. Edward is Bella's lover but Kaname is also similar to Jacob because he doesn't want Yuuki/Bella hurt. Do you get it?
Zero: Edward/Jacob/Jasper
I had three people for Zero because I don't have any idea. Zero's a complicated person. He could be considered Yuuki's lover, as in Edward. He could be Jacob because he is also protective of Yuuki. Or he could be Jasper because Jasper thirsts for Bella's blood and Zero drank Bella's blood.
Ruka: Rosalie
Roaslie wanted Edward before and Ruka wants or wanted Kaname so I thought that fit well. She got jealous of Yuuki as well as Rosalie was jealous of Bella.
Hanabusa: season 1: Jasper, season 2: Emmet
I thought Jasper fit for season 1 because Hanabusa wanted Yuuki's blood like Jasper wants Bella's. And in season 2, I thought he came out to be like Emmet, the protective big brother.
Kuran Rido: James/Volturi/Victoria
So I thought hmm, Kuran Rido is basically an enemy. Any enemy in the Twilight series is Kuran Rido.

So these are my opinons, they aren't right or wrong.
I couldn't get every character because either I had no idea what character matches another or I can't think of them at the moment.

So what do you think?
Write it down!
Or add to the list!
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22 / F / laying on my bed....
Posted 12/28/08
yeah...i think it work
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26 / F / In HeR BeauTiFuL...
Posted 12/28/08
wo0ow !! ur comparison was simply wow !!
well vk kinda reminds of twilight...they both talk abt vampires ...and a love story between a vampire & a human...
Vk season 1 was similar in a way to twilight
but VkG was different thu...
=D but anyways Both were a great experience
and they r worth watching / reading ^.^
Edward Cullen and Kaname-sama <3
Kaname seriously reminds me of Edward...the same mysterious yet gentle personality... the same brooding eyes & the mysterious aura around him...and above that the way he protects and care for the person he loves the most !
ahhh Vampires r simply adorable <3 arent they =p ?!
Posted 10/3/09
Nice. They both waited about a hundred years for a girl. ;D
Good thing that their Vampire features are not beast like structure.
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F / U.S.A.
Posted 9/18/11
THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! I like anime better! No offense to Twilight fans..i don't like's weird...srry....I like anime wayy better
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