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[Filipinos] Twilight..err..Takipsilim?
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F / ~Wonka Candy Fact...
Posted 12/28/08

valdaros wrote:

who cares?

let them destroy an overrated novel for good. lulz...

hahahaha i couldnt agree more... but really a Flip version. thats just hilarious
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32 / F / Denver
Posted 12/28/08

kyoukoujin wrote:

DreadDenimPirate wrote:

America (Hollywood) fucks up plenty of Asian novels/comics/movies too. Best to remake something that was already bad than pervert something that originally kicked ass (place awesome example movie/comic/book here).

lul "pervert"

This upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie sucks ball. No need for palm reading nor crystal ball.

There you go. That's exactly what I mean
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26 / F / California
Posted 12/28/08
oh dear. another bad idea.
can someone jus please tell those folks to
stop remaking popular movies/series?
show some originality.
Posted 12/28/08

this is a flop!! and it hasnt even started yet!!


stupid abscbn.. NO ORIGINALITY!!

coooooooome on, abscbn.. no better ideas in those freakishly small heads of yours?

maka-GMA ako.. pasenxa na sa mga maka-ABS..
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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F / Nova Scotia
Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/28/08
wrong section, duplicate, also it's been confirmed that it's fake. See the following threads.

Petition for Filipino version of Twilight
twilight pinoy versian
ABV CBN remake of Twilight a hoax CONFIRMED
Posted 12/28/08
Wow thats bad! >=(
Posted 12/28/08
You can use some of the thread Kippu suggested, or you can use the general thread to share your thought

Filipino Version of Twilight ..!

~ Locked
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