Let's play a game....
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This topic is from my group, xKarinxKazunex. I just made it now, hope you'll like it...

Let's play a game, now! The game is to show you're favorite belonging to the someone in front of you and than the next person can steal it, break it, or be nice and let the next person see it. Once they steal it, they too can show that person in front. If they break it, you have to show up a new favorite belonging.


Here's my favorite belonging, my cat.

Ahehehe, I'll break it now! *Puts cat in fire and watches it burn into ashes* MWAHAHA!
I'll take that now. *Steals cat*
Ooooh! That is so cool! Let's show them! *Gets the cat softly and let's the next person see it*

Note: You can say it however you want, as long as they know what you're gonna do. Oh, and if they steal you're favorite belonging, you can fight back to bring it back.


Here's my favorite belonging, my cat.

I'll take that now *Steals cat*

Hey! Oh no! Ms.Litter! Hey, you thief! *Takes out RPG* Bring Ms.Litter and no one gets hurt!

. . .*Gives back cat* H..here! Take it! Just don't shoot that thing! *Runs away* GYAAAAAA!

And if you stole it from them and they took that back, you too can fight for it. But I won't put an example for that, you should get the picture. Just make sure you let other people have turns too.

I'll start....

*Puts out favorite belonging* Here, my wallet. - -
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i hope that i doing right!!
*took ur wallet and takes all the cash*tnx for the cash i going!!!
i hope it s okay!!
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*takes cash*okay u and i are going to Hawaii!!!!
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Gaaaaah! My wallet!! G..give it back! *tries to take it back*
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* Took out GUN !!! *
Hey give me the wallet or i will shoot * steals *

I hope i'm doing it right !!!
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*looks at karin_chan*
*tooks out bazuka*
i think that wallet belongs to me!!!!!!!!!!
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Well...well face my my running! *Goes past Kawaii and Karin and steals the wallet, running* Gyaaa! You can't catch me!
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*glares*wow he s fast!!!!*tooks popcorn and watches u run like a bunny*
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Ah...Kazune-sama(I call him Akihiko-kun! ). *Takes out charm and throws it at Kazune* ..Oh, wait, he's not a demon... - -
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lol lol lol lol
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i dont get it
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i don't get it
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*runs in front and says noo! i need this cash for my bottle of water*~takes cash and then suddenly crashes and rip money by accident~ OMG the money D;~ uhh heres my kuromi doll o.o

i think i did it right o.o
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~spoiler is nuthing~
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