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Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/29/08
There are rules in this group that the most important thign there is and we need to folo all rules ty=)

1)Never spamm (if a person or moderator tell u stop u should stop) (6 ratings)

2)Never Curse or Dis anyone in this group or outside either (9ratings)

3)Obey other moderator even though u really hate(dislike) them (5 ratings)

4)U shouldn't but u can put hentai(naked) on the group pictures but i reccomend u don't=((ratings 5 1/2)

5)Respect and be kind to other ppl expecially me and moderators=)(rating 10)

1-10 ratings (1 baddest rating) (10 the best rating) (5 is the middle)
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